HOdown at Drew’s in Keyport Jan. 26th 4pm


Last call! Eli is going to reach out to Drew later today…looks like we’re at 10 unless someone else chimes in ASAP!

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(Eli Paryzer) #42

I just called Drew’s and confirmed our reservation for 10 people at 4PM this coming Saturday. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone! Don’t forget to bring cash and wine :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you again to Eli and Evie for setting this up. I might start fasting tonight :wink:


We’re in, I’ve got 30 coming in from Houston on our chartered DC3, last time the rubber bands broke but we’ve doubled up on them.

Not to denigrate the venerable aircraft still going strong but we’re going cheap with a very used one.

(Eli Paryzer) #45

You’re welcome cj. I’m just glad that I can finally get to participate in a HOdown with the Central Jersey crew. Us Northerners don’t get down south too often (except for Drew’s) :wink: I have been burning extra calories on the treadmill this week in preparation for this big meal :grinning:

By the way, the reservation is under Eli in case anybody gets there before me. Anyway it will be the only reservation at 4PM :grin:

(David) #46

So I was sitting in Drew’s parking lot wondering where everybody was when I realized the HODown was called for 4 PM :grin:

(Eli Paryzer) #47

You should keep your car parked there. It’s hard to find parking in that small lot :grinning:


I’m currently eating my normal breakfast… studies have shown that if you starve yourself before a huge meal that you fill up FASTER (I’m looking at you, @corvette_johnny)

(Greg Caggiano) #49

Take TONS of pics everyone!


Eli is the pic man! His photos come out great in my eyes. They always look really vibrant and colorful. I am not sure what he uses, but to me they really pop. I’m severely colorblind and for some reason iPhone pics seem to come out much nicer for me. I’m guessing he uses an iPhone or some type of decent camera. My android note 4 doesn’t stack up against the iphone at all for pic quality (with my vision.) Maybe he will chime in or I’ll see his secrets tonight :slight_smile:

I’m debating whether to get the new xr iPhone or stick with android. I prefer iPads for tablets so I like both camps.

So when are we going to get a Greg C drews review? :smile:

(Greg Caggiano) #51

Hopefully in the spring! We chat every once in a while on Instagram so I’d like to do a nice write-up.


The spring? Lol…you need to go next week. If you’re not impressed, dinner is on me. Haha!

@CurlzNJ. Yeah I’m trying to maybe eat some lunch but all I keep thinking about is the meal tonight. Nothing I eat will probably be flavorful when I have mental “visions” of the feast we are going to have.

(Eli Paryzer) #53

I just use a cheap Nikon when we dine out and my iPad Pro at home.
I just walked over 3 1/4 miles on the treadmill and burned over 500 calories for this dinner :smile:Unfortunately that will only be about 10% of the 5,000 calories I consume tonight :laughing:

(Mr met) #54

Good luck tonight and everyone.
On a separate note CJ you need to move on phone wise. While the whole smartphone game has plateaued the jump from your phone to current iterations will be a treat. I left Android to iPhone and haven’t looked back. Enjoyed a better used experience and stuff that just works. And unlike my old Samsung’s it didn’t feel dated and a bundle of lag after 9 months. If you’re not a power user and just want a nice camera and a straight forward phone that just works you’re prob better off with the iPhone XR.

(Junior) #55

Hope everyone is enjoying! Make sure to keep an eye on seal, he eats people’s bread once they butter it when they aren’t looking!!

I look forward to some good stories and pics!

(Evelyn C. Leeper) #56

LOL on moving on with smartphones–I just upgraded from a 2006 flip phone to a very low-end Android. :grinning:

(Mr met) #57

I was a very late adapter for my age and really only for cameras for pics of littles ones at first. I’ve come to love how some apps can help my life like GasBuddy or Ibotta. We also use a much cheaper prepaid service compared to others in Verizon for example.

(Evelyn C. Leeper) #58

I hardly ever use the phone as a phone, even for texting. And I never remember to take pictures of food before we dive right in.


Great night folks! I just had a shot and I’m laying down to digest for a little, or until Monday lol. Much more to come…



That. :grin:

The very short version is we had a fantastic meal and a really fun time. Full reporting tomorrow, I’m sure.