Crawfish in NJ - Where to find them?????

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So I’m excited for this hodown!

This should be a great time. Thanks for curlz and Eli for setting this up.

On the topic of southern food, do any NJ places serve crawfish whole?

Not that I know of. Place in Hoboken used to but they were horrible.

Live are best, that’s all we eat down here. We don’t need shipped in crawfish in Houston but this place ships for quite a bit of coin I’m sure. It’s not the season yet and I would wait until at least April but every year is different depending on temperatures and rainfall. Get a bunch of Zatarain’s liquid and dry seasonings if they have it.

I believe the minimum is 10 pounds which is enough for two hungry people. I used to eat five pounds routinely but don’t anymore due to skyrocketing prices and I just eat less.

The demand is high down here with Louisiana ex-pats from the oil industry and a couple of hundred thousand from Katrina. Pretty much everybody eats them especially the Asians and the have many restaurants in our sprawling Chinatown.

Blue crabs have taken a very distant second available only in Asian places and a few in Galveston. I buy live ones in a couple of Korean places ten minutes away.


I do my boil up here every May, ship 100 pounds up through Southwest freight and pick them up at the airport.


Cajun grocer ships live crawfish. I’m sure their shipping costs are expensive. They also sell a lot of items unique to New Orleans. I usually get my Cajun Chef green hot sauce from them, but I buy it by the case so it lasts a while.

Wow that sounds like a fun party! Where do you get yours from?

Thanks for the links guys. I want to order some but I might have to round up Jr if I get 100 lbs :slight_smile:

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Funny story…

I took one of the biggest ones I could find from the cooler one time and put it in my fish tank. I had a 55 gallon with some pretty bad fish in it…a snakehead, oscar, and a green terror. I go to feed my fish and the damn crawfish was gone! They ate the thing! It was huge, like a baby lobster …so I thought. Days later I’m in my basement and I find the thing walking around! I had no clue how it got there. So I put him back in the tank.

A day or so later I caught him red handed. He climbed up the filter pipe and somehow snuck through the tiny opening where the water poured in. So once he climbed out he fell probably 5ft or so to the ground. That’s probably the equivalent of us jumping out of a 20 story building and walking away.

To boot, he had to tumble down an entire flight of wooden stairs to get to the basement. I think this thing was on a suicide mission!

Those are some tough critters.


As embarrassed as I am to say this the Chinese Buffet on 36 in Eastontown does. (AYCE!)

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Haha! I think I remember seeing them at one buffet and they called them baby lobster.

China buffet is like riding a moped. It can be fun but you just don’t want to be seen doing it.

It’s been well over a year since I’ve been to the China buffet in eatontown. I think I’m probably ready for a trip sooner or later.


The China Buffet in Hazlet (used to be same owners) isn’t much better. I tried it last year after not being there since I was a child. I was praying no one would see me there. I didn’t even review it! But of course, halfway through I hear a “Hey Greg!”. It was a former coworker of mine.

Anyway, food is dreadful. Lukewarm, soggy, limp. Everything looks old. It could come right out of the wok and still not be hot. Bizarre. They had nice looking pastries for dessert but were hard as a rock. Probably bought day old items from Normandie bakery a few doors down.

The Middletown location was actually decent but closed and their replacement was even better but failed as well.

Lol…yeah you kind of feel crappy walking into a China buffet in Monmouth county. The Eatontown one is the “best” of the ones around here I think. I’ve been to the Hazlet and Middletown places plenty of times as well. Maybe we should start an NJ China buffet thread. Haha! Man I miss those days…packing 5 or 6 dudes in a car and just tearing food up :slight_smile: to be young again


Ikea also has them once a year as well, but I wouldn’t touch those. Lol

@NotJrvedivici, Perhaps you should split the crawfish discussion to its own thread?

Also my last tinder date review … :grin:


You got it.

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used to crush one particular one in college- took a long time to realize what to fill up on and what to avoid. Of course, best served in college when you head back to dorms and everyone has access to their own toilet!

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Check this out guys. I just stumbled across this. I saw a pic of a some crawfish and got excited. Has anyone been?

I like how the website says authentic Louisiana seafood then lists clams. Clams are not authentic Louisiana seafood, Cajun fries are not authentic either.

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True. Is it me or is 50 kind of expensive for a strip mall meal?

Yep, and looking at the description of the boiled items, it says they are boiled then put in a bag with seasonings.

I will pass on that.