HO Lunch February 12:Xing Ming Flushing

Sunday Pre SuperBowl Sunday lunch at Xing Ming BBQ in Flushing. Tables seat 6 each. Each table has a BBQ grill that is fired with gas and charcoal. But they also have a huge menu of cooked dishes, many from the owners’ hometown. And loads of veggie dishes. In fact the dish we fell in love with was eggplant, peppers and potato.

It is in the middĺe of street food central for any XLB needs.


Presumably two adjacent tables could work if more people are interested?

I am a maybe. If the Bills are not in the Superbowl, we will be having people over to watch (so I’m not free). If the Bills are in the Superbowl, H is probably going to either try to go to the Superbowl or fly to Buffalo to watch there with his friends (so I’m probably free). Go Bills, though!

Apparently, they have large tables upstairs to accomodate larger groups. You do not get to grill your own skewers upstairs but there will be more room for the cooked dishes.

Although the grill-your-own option is a big attraction of Ming Xing, wherever all of us can sit together comfortably, upstairs or down, is good by me. Noon sounds good, too, unless someone is keen on getting an xlb fix beforehand.

we’ll be there!

A maybe here? Still bummed I haven’t been able to make one of these yet!

SO 5 plus a superposition of the Bills not in the Superbowl and small h, and a maybe. Good start.

I am in.

thanks for the heads up! My general rule when dealing with NYC construction is weeks become months, months become years. But what to do about a weekend? six months seems about right…

Anyhow, the article’s headline is a little misleading, service will be shutdown btw hudson yards and queensborough plaza so from the UES we should be able to take the F to 74h st and broadway and change there for the 7.


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Good to know. Of course, we are walking to Ming Xing.

Just to recap

Dave Cook
Vinuous pleasures x2
Dean & kay x2
Penelope Witherspoon

Question: @Saregama i seemed to miss if you are in or out

Other maybes, let me know if you are in. Right now we are at one charcoal table.

Timing… does 1pm make sense to give time for some XLB pregame?

XLB pregame… NYFC and New World Mall both have xlb stands. You Shanghai and N0an Xiang will be ugly mobbed. Kung Fu is a hike.

I’m in @Dean - thanks for checking.

Also @ninkat, from her comments elsewhere.

1pm sounds great.

I had the xlb at new world when I went back (same place as the crispy rice cakes) and they were fine not superlative, which is also what I thought of Shanghai you garden a few years ago (the former have thinner skins, the latter more flavorful filling).

Tbh I’d be equally happy pre-gaming by walking over from the 7 train via White Bear and Followsoshi (aka Dim sum garden takeout outpost) for a few bites of assorted tasty dumplings before bbq!

Maxi’s is another thought, though I’ll likely stop by for frozen wontons on the way home anyway (ditto DSG frozen siu mai).

I was also thinking about white bear, Followsoshi sounds like a great add-on! another place to consider is sifu chio, I recall charles wu ate at around 80 hong kong wonton joints and declared sifu chio as good as the best of hong kong. We went once pre-pandimic and thought it very good. it closed (I think( but seems to be open again.


So, we shoulld meet at the 7 train at noon?

I plan to join for pre-MX walking but little if any pre-MX eating. Even so, if a half-dozen or so of us will visit two-three-four snack stops before lunch, perhaps we’d do better to meet at 11:30 and figure on lunch closer to 1:30.

Or we could just push back our arrival at Ming Xing to whenever we’re done snacking, provided that we don’t need a reservation. On a Sunday afternoon, however, if reservations are taken, I think it’s better that we have one.

@vinouspleasure Happy to check out Sifu Chio if you think we can do it en route, or does it deserve / need its own excursion given the extensive menu?

@Dean noon at the 7 Station (or a specific corner given the multiple entrances) sounds like a good start.

We should also allow the possibility of winter weather messing with our best laid wandering plans, so maybe we can finalize a couple of days prior when the forecast is more likely to be in the right vicinity.

dave suggested we meet at 11:30 and move lunch to 1:30 so we have more time to move about the cabin. I’m fine with this or happy to constrain pre-xinging to one spot.

what say thee?

ps let’s sifu another time, I think it’s too similar to white bear.

I was tentatively not coming to this event, and now I am definitely not coming, because the Bills are not in the Stupid Bowl. Thus, H will not be scraping together $50K or whatever it costs to go to the game, and we will instead be having people over to gather 'round the teevee and eat Cheetos and watch commercials. Well, that’s what I’ll be doing. Other people may be paying attention to the game.

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