HO Lunch February 12:Xing Ming Flushing

What’s that 50k going to now? :joy:

If all we’re doing is having a bite at Followsoshi / Dim Sum Garden takeaway (and/or White Bear), I don’t think we need 2 hours.

Maybe those who want the extra bites meet at 11:30 outside the 7 station, and everyone else meet at 12:30 at Ming Xing (vs noon)?

That way we are not far off the original timeline, and there’s still Super Bowl Sunday stuff possible for people who have that in their plan.

@vinouspleasure @DaveCook @Dean @ninkat @PenelopeWitherspoon

Also reminding @escaped @RSchwim

Thanks again for the reminder. Unfortunately I’ll still be out of town that day…

Good question! Deciding between George Santos’ reelection campaign/defense fund, a self-cleaning litterbox, or drinks at Overstory.


You too can be a patriotic supporter of the inventor of jazz, the victorious commanding general of the Confederacy and, for now, George Santos.

Just tell him the check is in the mail.

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I am still in. 11:30 outside which 7 station?

I love Overstory. Just FYI.

I’m sure would love it, too, if someone else were paying.

I wish people would stop picking on george santos, he’s making america great one lie at a time.

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We’ll pick one of the obvious exits before then :joy:

(Many of us have each other’s phone numbers via DM or through meeting, so if you’re comfortable with that, I’m happy to exchange mine with you in case there’s any last-minute confusion)

Hmm, I think the phrase “one lie” as it applies to george santos (a.k.a. George Devolder and maybe Anna Delvey in drag?) is something of an oxymoron.

Count me in for Saturday crawl; maybe @Saregama we can meet up at the 72nd St. station? @DaveCook too, if he is coming?

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Sounds good. I will shoot it over to you in a PM.

For the Sunday (and not Saturday) crawl in Flushing, before Ming Xing, it’s very possible that I’ll head out early to research a Culinary Backstreets story. If I do, I’ll catch up with you in Queens, ideally with fresh intel.


Hi there, sorry 'bout this, but I had to take this coming weekend to visit a friend, and although I will head back to town Sunday morning, I won’t be back in time for lunch, alas. Will look forward to pictures and comments. See you next time!

say it ain’t so!

Is this BYOW?