HO Dinners for February and March.

PS Ive looked at the press on Zaab Zaab. Am willing to go to the Williamsburg location in lieu of Elmhurst if this would get a thai dinner plan for the 11th off the ground (tho I would generally prefer to go to Thai ground zero over trustafarianland). Grand Street looks like a more seafood heavy menu too

I’ve eaten four or five times at the original Zaab Zaab but not yet at the newer, Brooklyn, location – which, yes, offers a greater variety of seafood. For dinner on February 11, Zaab Zaab Talay, as it’s called, sounds good to me.

If that’s where we end up, perhaps we can consider an early-ish dinner (on weekends, Zaab Zaab Talay is open from noon till 11:00), since many of us have our sights on lunch in Flushing the next day.

That sounds good!

yes, an early dinner sounds good!

Early thai on sat 2/11, xing ming on sunday works for me. This has less moving parts than trying for Lazar Wolf on a Sat. We will be in queens so we could do either location of zaab zaab.

I can’t do early dinner on the 11th, have an event that ends around 6:45 at Columbus circle. Earliest for me would be 7:30, but feel free to go ahead if everyone else is good earlier.

(Also the 7 train is suspended Feb weekends as I posted on the Ming Xing thread.)

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I posted in the xing thread, F->74th st->7 should work.

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Thank you!

Re Thai — if neither of us makes it to dinner on the 11th, I’m up for a less mouth burning visit another day :smiley:

would love to!

at this point I am confused. It seems like a group has more or less formed for the 2/12 meal (Jim and I are out for that one).

Maybe the discussion of the 2/11 dinner should be split off and those who are interested can weigh in and see if we. can reach agreement. I thought we were moving toward the Williamsburg Zaab Zaab or the Lazar Wolf option - also in Williamsburg - for that meal but I can swing with whatver the interested group agrees to.

That seems wise. I’ll do it now.

Again, for some reason I didn’t pick up on these threads; travel days I guess. I can make either Sat. dinner or Sunday lunch, but probably not both. Of the two, I’d be more interested in Ming Xing with the XLB stop before, but open to either.

Here is Ming Xing

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Throwing this out there, 'cause it looks like something I (and maybe you!) would like.

Thanks @Saregama, in my calendar!

Ok, so the 11th is Zaab Zaab, is that right? I need to get these on my calendar!

Sometime in the Feb 2/3/4 range for dinner is Indian Table courtesy @vinouspleasure spotting the special Parsi menu for restaurant week (we did the special Goan menu last year and it was excellent).

Feb 11 is Zaab Zaab for dinner with Dean & Kay visiting

Feb 12 is Ming Xing for lunch, also courtesy @Dean and Kay visiting

We haven’t gotten to March yet!

The confirmed guests for Zaab Zaab so far are DaveCook, JenKalb, ninkat (tentative), Dean and me, with some plus-ones. We have a reservation under my name for a party of seven, 6pm on 2/11. If you would like to confirm as well, I’ll revise the reservation if needed, depending on whether @ninkat is in or out. This is the dedicated thread:

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Pretty sure I am out since I’m going for Sunday lunch. Sorry!

Ah, okay. @PenelopeWitherspoon, you in or out for Zaab Zaab 2/11 6pm? I’m going to change the reservation from 7 people to 6 unless I hear from you. Please weigh in asap!