HO Dinners for February and March.

I love Wayla, but it’s closer to Lum Lum than Sripaphai.

Zaab Zaab sounds good, or similar (Hug Esam or others mentioned)…

Also we should do hot pot one of these days, winter seems appropriate.

And a Bangladeshi jaunt in Jackson heights (centered somewhere like Haat bazaar). Could combine with Tibetan but maybe that’s a different trip.

Got it. I like Thai Diner also, and would be game to try Fish Cheeks (although I think I may have been there?).

Yaaaassss. I’m not sure how many take reservations - this one does:

Yes and Yes

Re hot pot — we can do some research, or maybe @DaveCook or others have some ideas / experience.

Re spice for all these — I’m not envisioning an on-fire meal, rather a range and variety, so as not to scare folks off!

I like 99 Favor Taste, but it’d probably be a wait. And I remember Little Sheep very fondly, but it seems to be gone! As is the one I went to on the Bowery, the name of which escapes me. Might be this:

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We are lovers of Hot Pot although noise is an issue.

I’d love to go to Hug Esan but I’d want to get a few very hot dishes in the mix. That is the point of Esan food.

Indian food sounds nice too.

Re: hot pot, I’ll have to piggyback on someone else’s ideas / experience.

Yes and yes for me, too.

Maybe we should eat some Thai while @SteveR is away.)

great idea! I’d love to go to zabb zabb, or hug. We’ve been to thai diner and fish cheeks, not sure what the fuss is about for thai diner but would be willing to head back. would also love regional indian food!


Should we get some dates together for Thai? I’d give the edge to Zaab Zaab, Thai Diner & Fish Cheeks over Hug, because Hug is pretty far from me.

ThFSSu nights in February are so far all good! With the exception of 2/5, 'cause I’m already having dim sum that day, and let’s not go crazy.

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I would love to go for Thai or bangladeshi, or both! would like to get a date nailed down for upcoming meals since I am planning a trip to Ohio in Feb and another to Italy in latter half of March. So far am signed up for Laser Wolf if it happens.

I thought we were talking about the Zaab Zaab in Queens, which is a minute away from Hug Esan.

(I’d happily go to Thai Diner or Fish Cheeks, but I don’t know what the group rez situation is like at those, regular rezzies are still a pain at TD anyway.)

Can folks who are interested in a Thai meal end Jan / early Feb who haven’t already please speak up, and we can move actual scheduling off to a group chat.

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208 Grand St., Williamsburg. Unless that’s a phantom location.

I saw that, but this is what was driving the original (old) discussion:

Huh. Well, whatever. I would prefer closer than further during cold weather. What are your available dates?

I would love Thai, especially Essan, on the 11th.

The 11th is fine for me.

I can’t commit to both the 11th and the 12th at the moment, so if there’s a quorum for Thai on the 11th, I’ll figure out which one I join.

If there isn’t, I’d be up for Thai with the NY folks end of Jan or first week of Feb (Hug could stay on the list for March).

Should we try for a hot pot dinner late January/early February?

willing to lock in the Feb 11 date for whatever the group decides. Good thai especially isaan sounds great.

Id also be willing to host a bring-something type of dinner event if the group would enjoy that. Peckin Chicken is on my corner, and Sofreh is a few doors away as a couple of possible food sources for a get together.