Hanging out in Sacramento!

I’m here at Journey To The Dumpling!

I should have better prepared, but I am here alone, and can’t decide anything I want to eat all of! Most things are 8 pieces!

There will be to-go boxes.

Oh, wait. My favorite.

Saving for later.


I’m going to an event at the Memorial Auditorium over the weekend, and now have a list of places to drive to afterwards. :slight_smile:


Omg EIGHT shumai to an order? Right-sized for me :joy:. How was everything?

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I’m thinking "who am I to say? "

I had


Interesting, with the lacy texture. Husband will really like these.

Har Gow and Siu Mai
I like Har Gow and Siu Mai, and these are as good as any.

Xiao Long Boa
Just meh. Certainly not as good as Yank Sing.

All in all, way better than what I’m here for!


Hey, who are any of us?! But I’ll trust the tastes of the folks here a lot more than elsewhere!

(Just fyi you can get the frilly lace on gyoza pretty easily at home if you want to try it sometime for mr shrinkrap.)

Tiny silver linings. Hang in there, and remember we’re all sending you good and healing vibes from afar.


Thank you!

Perhaps for a different thread, but I do wonder; what are some of the things someone “in the know” looks for? To me, the various wrappers seem to make the most difference, but I am not sure what I’m looking for.

Thinness perhaps. I dread feeling “full” before I have had enough flavor when I’m eating dim sum. I never eat the “buns” for that reason.


It’s mostly personal, I’d wager. And what one is used to.

I’m a thin wrapper person. But boiled dumplings need a thicker skin than steamed. So do I not like boiled dumplings? No, they’re just in a different category in my mind. But I have compared har gow and shumai across places based on the wrapper and the flavor and quality and quantity of the filling.

I agree on buns, but for a slightly different reason — the filling to bread ratio is the inverse of what I like. But people love them!


Oh really?

Have you had baked char siu bao? Sometimes, I only eat the buns, and leave the fillings alone. Y’know, just to fcuk with Dr. Atkins.

In the Sacramento area – Roseville and Davis to be exact - Yang Kee makes a pretty good baked char siu bao. The salted egg baked bao very good too, but if you order it, eat as a dessert. Too sweet to be part of the main event.

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I think so. Darker, brown, sort of dry, but a little sticky on the surface? Like to his one from Yank Sing?


I like the filling.

FWIW, I feel fortunate that Dr. Atkins and I like the same things. We wouldn’t even have lasted overnight if he needed me to break up with pork belly.

I do like the egg custard tarts though, and especially enjoyed the history of the connection to the ones in Portugal.

I’ll be in Davis Thursday and might look for Yang Kee. Salt helps sweet for me, and a salted egg sounds intriguing.

Ahhh! Yank Kee is on my way!


I hope you didn’t take my mention of Yank Kee as a recommendation.

Because it was not.


@ipsedixit : Heard!

Explored the McKinley Park Rose Garden today

Which (to keep this about food) is on the way to this place!


I forgot to mention we did Paragary’s for a prix fixe mother’s day brunch.

Beets, prosciutto, cherries, almonds and burratta. Husband thougt the buratta was bland, but perhaps that is the way it is supposed to be.

I had smoked salmon and asparagus with sauce gribiche, which apparently I enjoyed too much to take a picture!

Eggs benny with spinach on biscuits, and breakfast potatoes. The breakfast potatoes were good even hours later!

And bavette steak, grilled spring leeks, fava beans, and fingerling potatoes, which husband enjoyed.

It was fine, and how often is mother’s day brunch the best time to try a new restaurant?


Happy belated Mother’s Day!

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The Co-op today!

I’m going to have to look up how it’s a Co-op. It’s like the Nugget, but squared.

ETA website says “Our Co-op is more than a grocery store, we’re owned by community members just like you. By being a member, you’re supporting the Co-op’s work to make our community a better place for individuals, families and organizations in need.”

More bulk bins

More salad bars and sandwiches

More mushrooms!

I bought $99.00/pound morels. I bought 5. I never see them in my Nugget, and no idea what I will do with 5 mushrooms. I know from Top Chef I better make sure they are clean .


That price is robbery

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The guy at checkout asked me how to spell it, and when I told him, he said “Oh! I was adding stuff”. I told him he should, because it might justify the price. He nodded sagely.

If you have receipt you should go back - the highest I have ever seen fresh morels were $39.99/lb

That Co-Op in Sacramento is a total rip off.

They’re using “co-op” to masquerade being the granola version of Erewhon.

Looking up Erewhon. ETA Found it!

If you have receipt you should go back -

Thank you, but saying what?

I do have the receipt, but I don’t think going back to get $5.00 is how I want to spend my time. I will chalk it up to my adventure!

I wonder who else was silly enough to buy them. :thinking:

I will make sure not to waste the shrooms! Any suggestions?


As simple as possible - sauteed in butter -perhaps with scrambled eggs

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