Hanging out in Sacramento!

I think it’s considered “Downtown”. I recognized having seen this building many times!

I was there for an appointment with Sutter with a capital S, but parked at a place called Sutter, but maybe a smaller s. Like that guy in our history books named Sutter, not the expensive medical group.

No matter; there was no parking validation, but get this; parking was $1 every 20 minutes instead of $20.00 every 1 minute. You know where I’m talking about. :wink:

I walked past several interesting places today! At least they were interesting to someone who lives where I do, and hopes to be somewhere more “walkable” next time

Dumpling House! Great shrimp and chive potsticker, and shrimp and veg dumpling.

Home again home again, piggidy pig!


Nice report.

I dunno about you, but I really feel like Ginger Elizabeth is overrated.

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Well it’s fancy and well staffed!
Do you know how long it has been there?
I’m not much of a sweet person, but know people who are! I think husband would love the hot chocolate menu! I bought kouign amann, which I enjoyed, chocolate croissant, which husband found “light” and enjoyable, and a slice of almond cake I hope to try before it gets stale.

I actually ended up buying more stuff at Dessert Diner, including huge slices of frosted yellow layer cake, and buy-three-get-one-free chocolate chip cookies.

I passed this as well; what neighborhood would that be? Why did I see no misery and pestilence?

Have you been to Dumpling House? I thought they were good!

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I think you visited their new flagship location on J street, which I believe they just opened up this past summer right before July 4, if I recall correctly.

We still have a rental across the street from their old location on L street in midtown.

I try to avoid Chinese food in Sacramento.

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Chicago Fire is in the neighborhood known as Lavender Heights, Sacramento’s most LGBT-friendly area. LH is part of the larger “midtown” district, which I would generally describe as that area bounded by the Sacramento River on the north, the WX Freeway on the south, Business 80 on the east, and downtown proper (say, about 16th Street) on the west. I haven’t spent much time in Sacramento in the last 6 years, so I can’t comment with much authority on the homeless sitch in Midtown, but the news shows a LOT of unhoused people downtown and along the rivers.

Rick’s Dessert Diner was a favorite meeting place for my carpooler when meeting dates in the pre-Hinge days. I’ve never been, but it was good enough for Ken to go there repeatedly.


Thanks! What do you mean by “we” in this context?

My wife and I.

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Are you saying you live in Sacramento?

ETA, I seem to recall you might spend time in two places. If you did not, would you still try to avoid the Chinese food in Sacramento?

We have homes in both NoCal and SoCal.

If I wanted Chinese food in the Sacramento MSA, I would head down to Elk Grove.

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So glad that June’s has been given new life! I recognized the storefront from the thumbnail. I may have to schedule a trip to Sac in the near future.


I heard the sando place is super popular, I’m picking up a katsu sando for lunch (along with something from Osaka-ya). Hope they find a permanent home. Their milk bread is made by the other modern style Japanese bakery, Mahoroba, which is further south down Freeport.

I missed the OP’s original thread from way back in October-- the sweets all concentrated in that block of midtown are tempting. The hot chocolate at G.E. is the thick, european style. Their macaron ice cream sandwiches are tasty as well. They’ve dropped viennoiserie program, however – there are others doing it better.



I’ve been seeing movie related stories. I’m not a fan of most tamales, but it’s good to know!

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I saw that other thread as well…

Just wanted to add that I had the chicken katsu sando and it was delicious. The tsukemono pickles on the sando help cut through the katsu fattiness and balance out each bite. A bit pricey but tasty. It is best to order on the website or app in advance. They have worked out an arrangement now where the popup will share the snow cone window, so they don’t have to move.


Via FB

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We enjoyed Ella in downtown Sacramento this evening.

Salads were pleasant

Husband said his steak was good (loin strip?), my lamb strip loin not as delicious as the ribs from Coles in Napa on Tuesday.

Desserts were lovely!

I’m planning to make some blood orange sorbet.
What do you call the plate enhancing empty space on a plate?

A lot more time in Sacto to come.:grimacing: Planning to stay a few weeks in the area. I wish there was a Sutter in Napa.


shrinkrap, sorry to hear you have to spend so much time at Sutter. I hope all goes well.

If I didn’t mention this, you should try Canon, not far from Sutter, or Hawk’s Public House. Kru is even closer. The owners of Ella also operate a fast casual place called OBO next to Kru, if you need takeaway for an extended stay. A dumpling place from Elk Grove, Journey to the Dumpling, has also opened up a new location, a little further away on 21st.


We picked an Airbnb because it was near Hidden Dumpling! :grin: