Hanging out in Sacramento!

Ooo. Might have to hit that up.

My friends and I used to try to come up with ‘misfortunes’ to put into cookies. Things like:

If at first you don’t succeed, maybe skydiving isn’t for you.

Dogs will lead police to your shallow grave.

Remember, it’s always darkest just before it goes pitch black.


Before you get the wrong idea, I call them “misfortune cookies” because they’re the ones that are malformed or broken, not with ‘alternative’ fortunes. Most people call them fortune cookie flops, I think, and they’re cheaper than the regular cookies. The factory will do custom fortunes, too. If you’re ordering in quantity, say, 100 or more, they’re not too expensive, IIRC.

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Oh, I know what you meant. It just reminded me of the jokes we used to make. We were a dark and cynical bunch.

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If you go, budget a few minutes of your day to watch the operation. It’s kind of misleading to call it a ‘factory’, because the entire operation is in a room that might be the size of a 3-car garage at best, with 3-4 cookers that defy description. They look like they may have been designed by Rube Goldberg, if Rube Goldberg did steampunk. The cookers are fairly autonomous, too, so that one person can pretty much run the whole thing. In fact, in the hundreds of times I’ve been there, I’ve never seen more than one person in the factory at any given time. Watch out, though, because IMO they’re the best fortune cookies in the world. They can be quite addicting.


I was nearly going to recommend Jim Denny’s (12th Street between H and I), but the last few times I went there suggests a lot of inconsistency in the product. I want them to do well - small, BIPOC- and locally-owned business in a difficult market - but it seems like it depends on whether the owner is there or not. If she’s there, the food is good, if not great. If she’s off-site, attention to detail seems to slide. Still, if you’re hankering for a burger, it may be worth a try. The Southern Daddy burger (double cheese burger with a hot link) practically guarantees an afternoon nap, the fries may be food service but are crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, and Mrs. ricepad orders roasted Brussels sprouts every time.


I’ve passed that place! Sounds interesting!

The food was a slightly elevated breakfast/brunch food experience but not worth waiting for hours. Better execution and better ingredients than most, which does not come through on the menu. During the weekday there was no wait, but it has been a while. Better than Fox & Goose, for certain but they may have slid.

I did not realize the fortune cookie place was still open. That is so crazy .


We went to Canon for an early dinner tonight.

Artichoke and potatoes

Crispy chicken leg with North African spices …like urfa chili …Oops! Started eating.

Fried whole Branzino,New York Strip, Carrots

Chocolate and strawberry terrine for dessert

Artichoke and potatoes were especially nice, the strawberry terrine not so much, but overall a good time in Sacramento. Thank you @Gooster et al!


Lau Oc Viet Seafood Restaurant

5555 Sky Pkway Ste 243
Sacramento, CA 95823

Quail, 2 kinds of clams, sweet & sour snapper soup.


A lady I met (who had her last treatment today :tada:) told me about this place.



I’ve had cakes from Ettores before. They are very good, but I haven’t had much else PF theirs. Do let us know if you try em out!!

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I’ve had cakes, cookies and lunch at Ettore’s before. I have not been there recently. I liked them, especially visually, and the Swiss style of the owner. I preferred the taste of the cakes at Freeport though (Austrian owner).


Husband just mentioned that they sell Ettore’s baked goods at Nugget Market.

While waiting to see what husband was able to snag at Moonbelly , I learned about ice cream sandwiches at Ginger Elizabeth.

Wait…I think I’ve been there!


The plunder.

And this! Some version of an almond cake.

Oh, man! No check box on the Omada app for that!


Isn’t that almond cake just the best thing in forever?


It is! And so was the round one with sliced almonds labeled “brown butter almond cake no wheat”.

What an interesting juxtaposition of home styles!


Sacramento has some beautiful old residential areas, with lots of trees.

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As long as you’re touring midtown, check out 1426 F Street, former home of the Gardening Consultant to the Elderly, Dorothea Puente!



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