Hanging out in Sacramento!

Oh, I don’t know about Hidden Dumpling. I tried a different branch of theirs and had some of the WORST soup dumplings and beef roll I’ve ever had. But that was a while ago. Maybe things have improved.

My goto for that sort of fair has a few good choices. Journey to the Dumpling isn’t bad, but the service down in the Elk Grove branch is always excruciatingly slow. Haven’t tried the midtown branch.

Tasty Dumpling in Crocker Village, Dumpling Yo! down by the Nugget on Florin are all excellent choices.

For an actual sitdown Mexican (as opposed to ‘fast casual’), Mezcal on Broadway down in my neighborhood is good value for $ and pretty delicious to boot. And free salsa and chips and beer/drinks available.


Sorry to hear. Best wishes.


That’s great! You will become regulars there. If you didn’t know already, a few blocks down from there is Sac Co-Op, since you have kitchen access. Their cheese department is very good. Canon and Hawk’s are just on the east side of the freeway underpass from Hidden Dumpling.


I remember enjoying a meal at I-Shanghai many years ago. Wonder if it’s held up, might be worth a try in your dumpling survey.


Thanks all! I’ll be keeping this thread bookmarked.

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We’ve never been disappointed in Thai Basil (25th & J), although it’s been awhile.


Just adding to this thread, Pizza Supreme Being

Some of the best east coast style slices to be found this side of the Mississippi. Don’t sleep on the square pepperoni slices either!!

They now have an actual sit-down space, some additional salads and subs on the menu as well as Strauss Creamery soft serve.

A great little spot.

Order ahead for whole pies to take away.


Sharing this one with husband. He loves east coast pizza. I’m pretty sure he’ll be on that quick fast!


Moonbelly Bakery. If you’re in the neighborhood on Fri-Sunday morning, get you some seriously delicious croissants. Pictured above, traditional, chocolate, and two flourless almond cakes that are a rich, moist, crunchy-topped delight.



The viennoserie at Moonbelly are better than the other contenders, I agree. The chocolate-chip shortbread cookies are even better. The only place with SF style lines out the door — partially because they are open just three days a week. (The breads are OK, but skip the baguette)


Their standard table loaf sourdough is quite good but I’ve been making my own for a while, and theirs are pretty pricey.

It’s a real real struggle as they are only a slightly long walk from my home, but neither my waistline nor wallet can afford more than the occasional treat. I always want to order one if everything. I don’t, but I want to.


I ditched my yogurt and granola, and had breakfast at “The Morning Fork”

Coffee left something to be desired, but lots of choices and my eggs Benedict was fine.

Husband liked the hot chocolate here better, but liked that Orphan had “lots of real maple syrup”, and felt the bacon and pancakes at Irohan had better flavor.

I was thinking after eating this kind of breakfast for awhile, folks might start to think I’m “unwell”!

Dinner at Canon tommorow.


Is the country’s oldest Chinese restaurant in Woodland, CA (a few miles from Sacramento)?


Man, The Guardian is everywhere! Yolo and Solano county share a Master Gardener office there!

Nearby Esparto has great stonefruit.

Of no! I missed this!

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That is really interesting, but “tiny suburb” makes it seem like a small town. Woodland has grown to over 61,000 residents!

@shrinkrap – if you liked Orphan, try Bacon and Butter. It is a little further away, but pretty tasty. That is another place that develops lines in the morning, so try during a workweek.


Yeah, it’s basically part of the UC Davis ecosystem.

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Try Bacon and Butter

I live walking distance from this place. I’ve NEVER tried it. The menu seems fine but unremarkable and people queue up for HOURS on weekends, waiting for ridiculous lengths of time in Sac summer heat (or gross, wet winters) for…. eggs and pancakes? Really?

The lines gets longer the nicer the weather.

At this point my partner and I just dismiss it out of hand. It’s never looked worth the trouble.

For brunch, if we’re in that sort of mood, Fox and Goose does a nice one. They have scones and clotted cream, fantastic hasbrowns, and Irish coffee.


Feng shui. :wink:

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A Fox & Goose bonus, if you’re there on a weekday, is trundling next door to the fortune cookie factory and getting a cheap bag of misfortune cookies!