Moonbelly Bakery - Sacramento

This is a copy of an identical post I made over on the FTC board:

Ok, what we have here is, left to right: Plain croissant, Almond croissant, chocolate croissant, choc. chip cookie, plain croissant. My photography is abysmal, so check out their IG for better shots

The croissants (of all varieties I’ve tried) are ON POINT. Super flaky, with a rich, buttery, honeycombed interior. The chocolate batons are just the right amount of dark chocolate. The almond has lovely slivers of almond throughout and on top, with a little marzipan (I think) on the interior. Not pictured is a cinnamon knot sort of thing made with the same laminated dough tucked into a muffin pan and coated in cinnamon sugar.

Do not attempt to eat any of these in the car, unless you want ants, because you will get ants. Eat these over a plate so you can collect all the little crispy flakes at the end and have them with the last sip of your coffee or tea.

The chocolate chip cookie is an interesting variation. Rather than the typical ball, they’ve formed the dough into a log, rolled that log in coarse sugar, and then cut it into thick rounds. The outer edges form a sweet, crunchy ring, giving way to a gooey (though, I felt, more than a little underbaked) interior. It’s a change from the usual Levain-style sea-salt versions or the tiny crispy Tate’s style that seem to dominate most bakery choc. chips. these days.

Also not pictured, their sourdough loaf (undeeded or seeded). Got one last week and finished it with a combination of sandwiches and vehicle for cheese. A lighter crust than some (which I appreciate. Not everyone wants the roof of their mouth in shreds), full of tang, a moist, medium-open crumb and a relatively high percentage of whole wheat means a nice, grainy flavor.

They’ve only been officially open 2 weeks now. 3 days/week, Fri-Sat-Sun, 7:30am to 1:30pm

Get the croissants.GOOD stuff.