GERMAN - Cuisine of the Quarter, Spring 2018 (Apr-Jun)


Hey HOs! GERMAN was our only nomination this month, so it’s our winner by default. Since I’ll be stationed in Germany myself for the next month or so, I will try my best to report on all the tasty things I eat! Looking forward to learning with you!


Although neighbour with Germany, my knowledge of German cuisine is minimal, I can see German influence in France in region like Alsace: sausages, choucroute (sauerkraut), dumplings and fresh noodles. German is also famous for baking. Looking forward to learn especially the regional subtleties.

For a start, maybe this blog can help, Luisa Weiss based in Berlin (and Boston) and has published several German cook books:

More German food blogs here:

What German cookbooks do you own or recommend?


Where in Germany will you be?

Longtimers from the Chowhound days will know that I’ve pined from afar for German Döner Kebabs for years. But there’s much more going on there, of course.