Gene's Flatbread/DTX

this is marked as a new menu item on the wall menu and I don’t recall seeing it until recently.

They have a hot and sour soup with the thick hand cut noodles…flavorful broth, some lamb and crisp veggies.

Great bowl of soup, generous portion…#14??

I prefer to the house noodle soup …with regular noodles #5, which I also like.

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I go in with best intentions, but find it almost impossible to order anything but #4. My lips are tingling just typing this.

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I got the #10 soup (extra spicy) from Gene in Woburn last night and commented that the new soup (#16) looks appealing, but I just can’t resist the dumplings in the #10. He said it is selling well. My big splurge is when I get both the #4 and the #10 (always extra spicy). I will taste-test the #10 and #16 side by side soon.

I think I prefer the dumpling soup to the noodle in soup. I like the noodles in drier preparations–they seem to get a bit too soft in the broth over time.

I haven’t notice the dumplings in the DTX store…or I’d be all over them. They may be offered an I just haven’t noticed. I’ll look for them next time.

The dumpling soup is only available at the flagship location.

I’m assuming, from the title, that this can be a thread about all aspects of Gene’s DTX, not just noodle vs dumpling soup.

Had two lamb skewers there today, after a year-plus long gap. They were just as good as they’ve always been: the right amount of fat, cuminy (without being harshly so), and tingly. The #9 (noodles with cumin lamb) was a disappointment, though. Very little cumin flavor, and very little kick. A suggestion I’ve seen elsewhere (not on Chowhound) is probably the way to go: if you want cumin lamb noodles, get a #4 and mix in the lamb from a skewer or two.


Talking to myself, as I am sometimes forced to do, I tried the lamb-skewers-mixed-into-#4 gambit today at DTX. It was good, but in future I will eat the skewers on their own. They are just so very good by themselves. The rich mouthfeel and textures of fatty lamb and cumin are not the same with noodles (even good ones) in the mix.

Speaking of the noodles, they were as chewily fantastic as always, and the garlic pronounced, but the heat was muted. The dish looked appropriately, dark-redly fiery, but their dark (red) was worse than their bite . Perhaps Gene thinks DTX is for suited namby-pambies and pulls his punches there?

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Still talking to myself (I can be seen at DTX, mumbling softly my song), Gene’s cumin lamb noodles were fantastic today. Subtly cuminy (not an altogether bad thing), but with noodles sitting in a delicious pool of spicy-ish, very tasty, oil.

Lamb skewers were great as always. How do they maintain this consistency?


I’ll sing along with you. We’re close to Gene’s Westford location. We get a couple of lamb skewers as a side when we have the hand pulled noodles (#4). Skewers are small but mighty in their cuminy, fatty, lamby richness.

And I believe the cumin lamb noodles (#9) that you mention are the better choice if we’re out and about with others or when returning to an office after lunch. The force of the garlic in the #4 is strong.

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Yes, the garlic-force is indeed strong with the #4.

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Just to note that the Woburn shop changed its schedule a month or two ago. This thread made me check the website. Tonight I was so ready to buy a quart of #10 dumpling soup, extra spicy, on the way home. Braved the Woburn Center traffic and the place was dark. Bummer.

It turns out that now their closed days are Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. They are also open a half hour longer (until 8:30) on Friday and Saturday nights.


wow, that’s a lot of closed nights! good info, though. thanks for the heads up.

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