New dish at Gene's in Woburn

I stopped by Gene’s in Woburn for the first time in a few months, and noticed a new dish on the menu: #17, pork intestine with bread, the same bread you tear up and return to them. I’m not sure if it’s a full soup; I didn’t try it b/c my dining companion isn’t a fan of stewed intestine. I forgot to ask how long that’s been on the menu.

We had the hand-pulled noodle, the pork burger, and the dumpling soup. My friend was especially fond of the soup broth, which I concur is excellent. I don’t remember seeing the #16 hot and sour hand-pulled noodle soup, which IIRC includes a similar broth. I hope that’s not actually off the menu.

I should probably update the relevant Chowhound thread if I can find it amongst the huge number of old threads they like to feed up nowadays.

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Thanks (and hello again). That’s useful. Please do keep posting here.

Your post inspired me on this cold, cold night to pick up some of the dumpling soup (#10, extra spicy) which I am enjoying right now. So, thanks! I did look at the picture of the new dish, but I’m not a fan of organ meats. The special order chicken dish is still calling to me, but I don’t really have an event to bring in 20 pounds of spicy food. Maybe if the Patriots make it to the Super Bowl…

I really need to order a whole dish of that and my DC from last night can eat almost as much as I can! So it might finally happen.

Gene’s In Woburn are now back on the old schedule and are open every day except Monday’s.

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