Fruit forward cookbooks or recipe recommendations?

I was excited about Dappled (James Beard winner/nominee) but the recipes aren’t tested. So the baking times and ratios don’t really work if you follow the recipes.

But I just know of tart/pie variations when using fruit like galette, tart tata etc.

Are there recommended cookbooks or recipes focused on fruit (sort of like Dappled but with recipes that work/tested)? thank you

i will recommend two.


Rustic Fruit Desserts and Sweeter Off the Vine.


I was going to recommend Madison’s book as well. In general her books tend to feature a lot of fruit recipes, and I like that she’s typically very restrained with sugar. Rustic Fruit Desserts has great recipes, too.


Fair warning; Madison includes only volume measurements in her recipes, no weights.

I rarely but cookbooks that don’t include metric weights. This is double true for books that have a preponderance of baked recipes.

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I was also going to suggest Rustic Fruit Desserts.


I learned of Mes Confitures, by Christine Ferber via the old Chowhound list. :100: fruit-forward book. It’s also sugar-forward, to be fair.

Currently the lucky recipient of a gift of frozen, pitted, sour cherries, and making a jam flavored with rose wine (Adele’s favorite - Whispering Angel) and Luxardo liqueur. We are calling it “Cherry jam from the Other Side.”


I want a Hawaii Pizza recipe! (Pineapple + Canadian bacon on Pizza).

Here are two I have used:

Either the volume or weights measurements have errors in this one, can’t remember which (I won’t be home for a few days or I would check.) You can scan the recipes and figure it out easily, though.

This one is fussy. A couple recipes haven’t come out well, but often the result is worth the fuss.


David Lebovitz just pointed an orange upside down cake. I haven’t made it yet, but for my taste he is high among my favorite recipe sources.


I concur with the recommendation for Rustic Fruit Desserts. And you might also check out David Lebovitz’s early, fruit-centered book Ripe for Dessert. It’s out of print, but there are lots of used copies available online.

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I will also recommend Smitten Kitchen- she has a online recipes and a cookbook. Her recipes are tried and true.


This is not much of a recipe, but we are addicted. It is just fruit salad:

Chunks of mango
Chunks of orange
Strawberries, sliced (we use an egg slicer)
Sliced banana
Blueberries and/or blackberries
Panera poppy seed dressing. It is way lower calorie and less sweet than other bottled poppyseed dressings.
Served over Good Culture cottage cheese. We like this much better than the other common store brands.


I made the Texas Peach Cobbler and we liked it very much.

However, this is my favorite peach cobbler by a landslide. I always halve the recipe because we’re a family of two.

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Chez Panisse Desserts by Lindsay Shere

I was surprised how much we liked sour cream Ambrosia - which doesn’t call for cool whip, last year. I added other fruits- bananas, strawberries, etc , and didn’t add coconut, didn’t always add marshmallows .

There’s also a fruit salad I used to make with sour cream/yogurt, fresh ginger, lime juice and brown sugar.

There is also Chez Panisse Fruit. Unfortunately, the Chez Panisse/Alice Waters cookbooks do not include weights, just volume measurements.

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Chez Panisse Fruit is a lovely book, however, covering both sweet and savory fruit dishes.

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