Franco-Asian influences restaurants in Paris

I was thinking to reserve Sola for February, unfortunately I saw on their website the restaurant was burned down! I hope they will re-open soon!

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naf, that’s terrible! I was so looking forward to a repeat visit this November. But now, I, too, will be following their website to keep up with their progress. I hope they were properly insured.

Now I’ll have to concentrate my thoughts on Aspic, and a few others.

If you like Franco Japanese style cooking, you may like Kei, AT (my lunch in July 16 here) or Passage 53 (I love it! been to 2 times years ago).

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Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll look into them. We also liked Neige d’été last year, but thought that Sola was just a bit better. There is also Yam’Tcha, that we have never been to. Friends of ours really liked it in its previous incarnation, but I don’t know if they have been to the new location. I’ll have to ask them.

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I have no courage to go yet, sometimes the report are good, sometimes I heard just it’s a rip off. Since we travel to Asia, at times to Hong Kong, I’m cautious, especially the price isn’t cheap. Maybe I will try their baos (in their new tea shop) before deciding if I want more. I do get good recommendations of a Franco-Hong Kong cuisine restaurant called Dan in Bordeaux, also a French chef with a HK partner and worked in Hong Kong for a few years, like the case of Yam’Tcha!

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I envy you your trips to Hong Kong! We haven’t been there for years. My sister-in-law used to live there, and then we visited a couple of times. She took us to wonderful places.


I just took another look at your writeup of AT. The plating just looks a bit too precious for my taste. Have you been back?

And Passage 53, is it in the 2ème or the 9ème? Or are there two of them? The reviews I read mention uncomfortable seating. Did you find it uncomfortable?

Passage 53 is in the 2th district, with 2 stars. As for uncomfortable seatings, the table and armchairs are lower than normal, it didn’t bother me.

As for AT, the plating is very aesthetic, in order to achieve certain look, they need to use meringue in many dishes, which sometimes I found it doesn’t contribute much to the taste of the dish. They have a few dishes all right, an outstanding amuse buche, and others unmemorable dishes.

I just read about a new Franco-Japanese place in the 14th: Montée. Have you heard of it? John Talbott thought it was terrific.

I read the review of Talbott, not much information except a very good note 8/10, I wait for other reviews or maybe find some time to lunch there…

Since Sola is closed now, and I still want something Franco-Japapanese, have you tried or hear anything about Neige d’été, Pages or Les Enfants Rouges?

@hungryonion can you please help to spilt the post, we are mostly talking about more expensive Franco-Asian influenced restaurants, not fast food, like the title suggests. Thanks.

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We ate at Neige d’été last November, a few days after our meal at Sola. It was excellent, and I can highly recommend it. But we liked Sola just a bit better. Perhaps it was because the experience was so new at Sola. In any case, they served so much food that we had to refuse the cheese course. I have no recollection of the dessert, but if they served one, you can be sure that my wife ate it.

I’ve read about Pages and Les Enfants Rouges, but never been. Others I have read about are L’Auberge du 15, Abri, and Le Petit Keller. John Talbott also has been writing recently about a place in the 5th called Alliance. But he says that it is noisy, so if we were ever to eat there, it would have to be an early lunch.

We went to Montée for our last meal in Paris, a lunch. It was really good, possibly my favourite of the ten days. More details once I get some time to write everything up.


(Also we went to Alliance – very different atmosphere, not quite as good but still very good, and not at all noisy. Talbott must have been unlucky.)

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Glad to know this, waiting for your post to know more.

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Thanks. I’m looking forward to trying both.

Passage 53 is a great to go to place.

Neige d’été was really good as well. I believe they’ve already won a Michelin star restaurant.

I love Montée. Amazing, when we went they had just recently opened. They had to learn French quickly deal with bureaucracy and cook. Chapeau to them.

My take on it.

Any news on Sola reopening?

No news yet from their website, at least not in mid-August when there is nobody in Paris except tourists.
Just sent a mail to ask them, let’s see if they will reply quickly.