Foods (main dishes) post oral surgery

Does anyone have ideas for mains after oral surgery?
Pureed leek potato soup, colcannon, frittata, scrambled eggs, souffle, mac and cheese, what else?

How about apple sauce?? Or a quick bread with apple sauce in it - cut the edges off (as a treat)??

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Quiche - with whatever ingredients chopped very small, or just cheese

Smoothies or smoothie bowls?

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all the ice cream. “Well, yes but what flav-” “ALL. OF. IT.”

Refried beans


fluffy (not crispy edged) pancakes


Gazpacho, cold soups, milk shake, yogurt instantly after surgery.

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Jello, bouillon, and ginger ale.

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I only had my wisdom teeth removed, so hopefully your procedure isn’t more restrictive. I ate a lot of congee, and soups with small, soft pasta shapes (stars, alphabet$, etc), or noodle soups. Just no chunky proteins or veggies in it. Mashed tubers are good options - potatoes, yams, sunchokes, as are a variety of egg dishes. I also found fish (steamed or roasted whole) texture to be tolerable, just not breaded or fish that is too meaty like tuna or swordfish.

Since I eat a lot of rice, I pretty much subbed rice with plain congee and paired it with softer dishes. Mapo tofu without the meat, and a lot of tofu dishes, worked well.

Good luck with your procedure!

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For breakfast:

  • Oatmeal with pumpkin puree and peanut butter
  • Greek yogurt or scrambled eggs
  • Black tea

For Lunch:

  • Pitted avocado filled with tuna salad
  • Mashed sweet potato
  • Iced black tea

For dinner

  • Risotto with poached salmon
  • Steamed chopped spinach
  • Ice cream
  • Decaf black tea
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Mashed potatoes / sweet potatoes / yucca

Shepherds pie with ground meat

Polenta with or without toppings (bolognese for eg)

Soft rice - risotto / khichdi / congee / soupy rice

Crustless quiche (puree the mix-ins into the custard) / chawanmushi / egg custard

Vegetable purée soups — butternut squash, carrot, cauliflower, broccoli, parsnip

Fish cakes, soft fish like salmon (steamed or en papillote)

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One of the many versions of this:


I need to try this.

Thanks for all the recs, everyone!

I made mashed potatoes, zucchini cooked soft, tomato pie without the crust and a tomato zucchini frittata.

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This is obviously not all that helpful, but this old Chowhound thread was legend.

I might have saved some of it somewhere,vor maybe someone knows how to do that “way back” thing with it.