My daughter has them, and will for the next two years. The list of foods to avoid is long and tedious. (Crunchy things, tough things, sticky/chewy things…)

Any suggestions for cooking that will fit her orthodontist’s requirements while not driving me mad over the next two years?

Dang. That’s going to be arduous for both of you. Good luck and Godspeed.

The payoff will be terrific, tho.

I just got my second pair off. There is a great thread, I think on Chowhound, and a great website, I think “tinsel teeth”. I’ll add links soon.

Just got braces and EVERYTHING hurts, need ideas for softer foods…

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It’s for adults with braces. How old is your daughter? There maybe a better one for her.

I had braces for a couple of years as an adult. My orthodontist said I had weird teeth because the brackets didn’t stick well no matter what adhesive he used(ended up using bands on some of my teeth.) I was afraid to eat almost anything because I knew it would mean a trip back in to have brackets reglued. Ground meats were about the only meat I had. Lots of soft foods like mashed potatoes or oatmeal. Long-cooked soups, so that the components had softened. Lots of pastas. Unfortunately, it was also the most unhealthy diet time of my life. I ate lots of high calorie sweets like ice cream or chocolate candy that I could let soften in my mouth.

A Waterpik was really helpful during that time. Dental wax was occasionally a great relief though I didn’t often have trouble with the braces rubbing.

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Thanks for the links! She’s ten.

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No need to make special meals, it’s more a matter of the kid cutting food smaller and biting directly into something like an apple. Sliced apples or chopped apples are fine, just not whole.
So if you make a salad with whole walnuts every night just swap in chopped fine walnuts, and instead of whole radishes use sliced radishes.
If you usually buy an extra crunchy chewy baguette then just get soft rolls for the kid with braces instead

Are there favorite meals or foods you make that are off limits now? Maybe we can help you brainstorm a way to modify them.

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My daughter was 10 years old with braces 20 years ago. I don’t recall fixing anything special for meals. Guess she just made do and adapted.

The last time I got my teeth cleaned the dental hygenist suggested a water pik. I said don’t they spray water all over the place? She said for that reason a lot of people use them in the shower. I told her no thanks😊

Nah, you learn to control the spray by keeping your mouth mostly closed as you’re directing the stream. It wasn’t very messy. I would have said “no thanks” too if I would have had to use it in the shower.

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Yes, the chewy baguette gets served at a lot of meals in my house - and I like to top a lot of dishes with pistachios or walnuts - or tortilla chips on top of a soup - and apple wedges or radishes alongside dinner. You clearly get the picture!

So maybe there is just a lot more slicing ahead of me.

I guess nachos are out.

Well don’t stop buying chewy baguettes- just pick up some soft potato rolls or similar and keep those in the freezer.
Instead of apple wedges he could have grapes or pears or cantaloupe, or yeah just chopped apple.
Sunflower seeds or hemp seeds would work for a nut alternative, chopping nuts is kind of obnoxious.
You could pick up something like this gizmo- google bed bath beyond 20%coupon, there’s always one available- and the kid can use it to chop anything questionable into braces friendly size (like the apples, radishes, etc)

Chewy stuff like granola bars, dried fruit and jerky will just have to go for the duration of braces, so if those are usual snack foods you’ll have to brainstorm with him some alternatives (something like those mini pb sandwich crackers, yogurt, canned pineapple or peaches, string cheese…)

And I’m sure he has friends with braces too, so he can crowdsource some ideas for any favorite foods that are now off limits

My two daughters while in braces could basically eat anything except corn on the cob or whole apples. When they got their braces tightened, sometimes it would be softer food for awhile. Definitely no chewy sticky candy like caramel or fruit chews. They weren’t big on candy anyway, so no sacrifice there. Definitely didn’t affect nacho consumption.

I think you’ll all adapt to this new situation quickly and well. Good luck!

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