Fast Food Fried Chicken Sandwich Challenge

Went to 5 fast food joints ordered standard chicken sandwiches. All within 10 min from house . 2 cars to pick up, reheated all sandwiches at once in wrapping for 5 min. At 375 degrees. 4 judges with 5 categories Crispiness, Bun , Chicken , flavor, and overall …based on sliding scale 1-5.

Here my results with total average score

Popeyes 22.5
Chick fil A. 19.33
KFC. 18
Burger King. 10
Wendy’s. 8.5

Personal note none of judges including myself eat fast food. But we all enjoy fried chicken. Mogo, Kmart Food court, Drew’s are pretty much the standard for me.
Just thought something fun to do on a rainy day off.


Thanks for taking 5 for the team! Do you think the results would have been much different without reheating? I love the Popeye sandwich hot, but I like it at room temp too!


You still have a K Mart?


H Mart food court :crazy_face::crazy_face:


Much better!


Husband is going for Chick-fil-A right now. Getting one from Popeyes is still a crapshoot in my town . I’ve had a once out of three tries success rate.


And there was no alcohol involved???


Lol… what do you pair with that meal?

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No pairing with, just a lot before!




I’d agree with top two but could flip them depending on the day. I’d have put BK a bit higher points wise on a day when you get a fresh made one, esp considering with the app you can get two and two fries for 4.99 any day


I’m similar with regards to the top two. I like the Chik Fila actual chicken more, but I like the spicy of the Popeye flavor a little better. So I could switch them depending on the day and or my appetite.


I just noticed no Mc’Donalds chicken sandwich? Any reason?

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I think I have a 20 year string of not eating at Macdonalds since the kids stopped showing interest in happy meals.

Not really sure why I did the Wendy’s as well.

I’ve had the BK’s before awhile ago and thought it worthy for another try.

All 5 places and McDonalds are within 8 miles of each other on Rt 9 along the old Bridge - Morganville corridor. Minimal time and investment for a bit of amusement.


So you did the new Chik location in the Costco parking lot? I was at that Costco Christmas Eve the line was insane for that Chik.

Yes ! Costco lot…Was ther 11:15-11:30sh when I went and it was crowded as well!

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I’m very happy with this one from Wendy’s:
Spicy Bacon Jalapeño Chicken

A juicy chicken breast marinated and breaded in our unique, fiery blend of peppers and spices taken to the next level with pickled jalapeños, Applewood smoked bacon, American cheese, crispy fried onions, a savory cheese sauce and a smoky jalapeño sauce. Eat the heat.

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That Wendy’s sandwich looks great! But I thought I remembered seeing it on a list of the worst fast food for your health so I looked it up:

  • Calories: 730
  • Calories From Fat: 340
  • Fat: 38g
  • Carbs: 60g
  • Sugar: 6g
  • Protein: 36g
  • Sodium: 1930mg

It’s that sodium that kills me ( maybe literally.)

Not much worse than the Popeye’s spicy one:

  • 690 calories .
  • 42g Fat.
  • 14g Saturated Fat.
  • 1443mg Sodium.
  • 28g Protein.

I always add a small order of fries, but do not use extra salt.


Is that a picture of a sandwich you bought? I’m not a fan of cheese on chicken sandwich, but it does look good, especially for fast food.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold