Eating raw fish that is not marked sushi grade

My understanding is that there’s parasite risks with both freshwater and salt-water fish. Just shifts the hazard from roundworm to tapeworm! (And maybe the degree of risk, but presumably that varies a great deal by location and fish species, too.) I presume that’s the reason for ‘freezing’ mandate, as it won’t especially help with bacteria. Other than for the obvious factor of offsetting spoilage in the typical factory-fishing setting, as against the loch-to-campsite or mid-ocean-to-helicopter-to-super-pricey-sushi use cases.

For me it only really throws up Urban Dictionary hits, which themselves seem so improbably niche they’re just someone attempting to make sport – whether in good humour or maliciously, who knows – of a specific person the author knows. So it might be up for semantic grabs! … though on balance I think I’ll be playing it safe and avoiding it, too.

Hmm. No sign of anything more than one reporter in Portland associated with Jenny. I don’t think my SIL is up for changing her name anyway.

I won’t discuss the Portland protests here.

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“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold