Eating raw fish that is not marked sushi grade

My understanding is that there’s parasite risks with both freshwater and salt-water fish. Just shifts the hazard from roundworm to tapeworm! (And maybe the degree of risk, but presumably that varies a great deal by location and fish species, too.) I presume that’s the reason for ‘freezing’ mandate, as it won’t especially help with bacteria. Other than for the obvious factor of offsetting spoilage in the typical factory-fishing setting, as against the loch-to-campsite or mid-ocean-to-helicopter-to-super-pricey-sushi use cases.

For me it only really throws up Urban Dictionary hits, which themselves seem so improbably niche they’re just someone attempting to make sport – whether in good humour or maliciously, who knows – of a specific person the author knows. So it might be up for semantic grabs! … though on balance I think I’ll be playing it safe and avoiding it, too.

Hmm. No sign of anything more than one reporter in Portland associated with Jenny. I don’t think my SIL is up for changing her name anyway.

I won’t discuss the Portland protests here.

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Your whole post makes good sense, thank you for posting it.
People somehow think they can get rid of all germs. Which is ridiculous, as well as setting you up for a diminished immune system to boot. During a pandemic, it makes total sense to take increased precautions,of course, but don’t think that you can avoid geting ANY of that bacteria or virus by running around sterilizing everything with bleach or peroxide wipes. Bleach wipes won’t keep us from getting sick, for the most part, our immune systems are what keeps us from getting sick. Take good care of that first and foremost. If you’re immune suppressed for some reason, then yeah, you’ll need to take more precautions, obviously, but for most of us, using bacteriocidal laundry detergent (seen lots of recent ads for it on TV) won’t do anything much.

What timing! Just about to try some farmed salmon ChefSteps sous vide crudo!

If I don’t come back, pour one out.

I am also making Omsom larb tonight, so there’s that.

I am caught up in a quagmire of what is the worst thing to waste.


Outstanding! Btw, Coachella?

I confuse, plz more explain?

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It’s not actually sous vide. It’s not cooked, it’s just vacuum sealed.

I wanted to “cure” it overnight.


I take that back. We’ve eaten a bunch of tuna raw. Usually after it has been frozen

Recently bought this sushi grade tuna.

Stated on the package, the fish is frozen immediately at -60°C on the fishing boat after the catch. Conservation instructions for home fridge: between 0 - 2°C.

In the past, we bought non sushi grade filets, although we’ve never got ill, but I doubt if the cold chain is always respected, the utensils is clean etc.


I don’t think the -60C is a “cold chain” thing in the strict sense. It’s to kill parasites. Home- or supermarket-grade freezer temperatures should suffice thereafter: bacteria aren’t going to reproduce at those temperatures, and the parasites aren’t going to resurrect themselves either! In fact I don’t think it even needs to be as cold as that for that purposes. This packaging is either advertising milspec overkill to justify a hipster-tax pricetag, or more likely is flash-freezing deeper to kill the cnidarians, etc, rather than other processes that apparently freeze to less low temps, but maintain it there for longer.

Or maybe the -60C is beneficial in actually killing more bacteria than freezing to -35C, as against killing animal parasites on the one hand, and suspended-animating microbes on the other. Which would be a plus for sashimi purposes, clearly.


5€ doesn’t look like hipster premium pricing. Actually pretty reasonable looking at the size.

I actually missed the price, oops. Indeed, not too bad! But mainly I was being tongue-in-cheek about packaging peacockery generally.


Midnight sashimi from frozen! I think hamachi? Yellowtail? , with mango, red onion, “wasabi” and aji amarillo.

Oh please don’t let be sick tommorow!


Lovely treat for midnight! :yum: That was more a ceviche or poke. Although the way you sliced the fish was the sashimi cut.


I think those are the same thing.

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The mango is such a beautiful color with the fish. We actually did another poke bowl for dinner 2 nights ago, but with sushi grade tuna :slight_smile: I’m liking making it at home, but it’s the rare dish that I don’t think is that much cheaper homemade. We have a reasonably priced poke place here that will give you 1/4 lb of poke, about the same of any of their veggie or tofu sides, on top of a generous cup of rice or salad for $10.50 plus tax. So for 3 of us, $31.50. My lb of tuna (yes, it was 1/3 lb pp) cost about $23. Factoring in the sides, the labor, it probably came out close to even.


Are they different based on age or weight?

I researched a bit, then ate and went to bed.

ETA has something changed with the format links?

Also, I apparently ordered YellowTAIL and YellowFIN and this was the yellowTAIL.

I’ve always thought that hamachi was the Japanese word for yellowtail (or amberjack).

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