Easter and Passover Inspiration

Happy Day, now night to you!

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Thank you! To you, too!

Slovenian ham-stuffed Easter Bread.


Greek Easter is late this year, May 5. I’ll be looking for things like leg of lamb on sale after 3/31.

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I guess Catholic and Protestant Easter never takes place after Sunday, April 24th.

It’s nice to have the Easters spaced out by a month for the minority who do both. :rofl:

We do lamb for Catholic Easter and for Greek Easter in our house. We don’t like ham very much.

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Success!! I just got my Easter Ham!! YEAH!!

My local grocery store put spiral cut hams on sale for $.97/pound (digital coupon - starting today). So, I got up early, posted that digital coupon to my account, and got there when they opened the doors. There were only two hams in the case, but I got one!!

Now Sunshine, Neighbor #2 and I can enjoy some ham on Easter. Easter dinner was always a big deal in my parents’ home (growing up), so it means a lot being able to serve a similar Easter Dinner.

I already have the sides in stock, so the Ham was the last item I needed.


Congrats on your ham! What sides do you serve?

These probably aren’t the traditional Easter sides, but this is what Sunshine likes.
(1) Cornbread Stuffing w/ gravy
(2) Brown Sugar & Butter Sweet Potatoes
(3) Corn
(4) Peas
(5) Cranberry Sauce (jellied from a can)
(6) Dinner Rolls w/ butter *

  • I’ll probably make the dinner rolls from scratch. I stumbled across a “Glen and Friends Cooking” video on youtube and he made his Grandmother’s rolls. I followed his recipe and the rolls were
    GREAT!! So, that is my new “go to” recipe for dinner rolls.

I’m making a bread similar to this today. Dried cherries instead of cranberries, pecans instead of almonds.

We will do Greek lamb for Greek Easter. We decided to do an unconventional Easter dinner this Sunday. Duck legs!

Turns out some people do Easter Duck. I had no idea!

An Easter special, Keralan duck curry



In case you’re feeling creative:
The Washington Post’s 2024 Peeps diorama contest winners:


That was fun… Thanks!!


My brother, who is a surgeon, had to cancel on Easter dinner. Apparently he had a very long unplanned operation to do today and didn’t think he’d be able to make it. So I put the 5-lb ham in the freezer, and we’re having steak on the grill instead. Not complaining!


We had lamb tinga and chocolate cupcakes with chocolate buttercream frosting. This Easter dinner was pretty low key, just me, Mom, and BF. I was delighted by how much my mom and BF enjoyed the cupcakes and frosting :blush: (Tinga was awesome, too!)


A riff on Torta Pasqualina , with puff pastry on top only.


I baked 2/3 of my dough on Good Friday, into buns, and saved some in the fridge which I baked today. I added some chocolate chips before forming the rolls and letting them rise a couple hours.

I sprinkled the buns with cinnamon, cardamom and sugar after the egg wash, before baking this morning.


Hope everyone celebrating Orthodox Easter has a happy Easter.

We will be eating leg of lamb and potatoes on Sunday. I might purchase some Greek desserts this year.