Duck stock!

Cleaning out the freezer to make room for my Corti market binge.

I need to use some duck bones ( including the head!), and I have chicken bones, as well as duck stock, duck skin from a highly flavored roast duck, 2 year old frozen duck fat, and sous vide pork belly.

I’m going to make stock rather than throwing all this all out, but wonder if anyone has any suggestions or cautions.

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I make soup and risotto with it. Make an Asian version with salted limes or lemon juice if you can’t find limes. There’s also Portuguese duck rice. I can’t remember the details at this moment.

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Thank you!

Use herbs, spices of choice and reduce to make gravy for your savoury meats or vegs.

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Just don’t let it explode on you. Seriously. Exploding duck stock.

Wow! That’s interesting. It is very reduced rght now, and I would typically reheat it tommorow before freezing, but I’ll have to give this some thought.

I think just stir it really a lot and use a larger pan than you might otherwise. That was the scariest thing that ever happened in my kitchen.

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Will do!

I once had my entire gas cook top jump about five inches in the air, with all the sound effects, after failing to ignite . That was MY scariest.

holy cow, that is scary indeed!!