Duck inspiration

I’m making duck legs tonight, with a marinade based on this

What are your favourite duck preps?

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Either thinly sliced breast as part of a Chinese-ish stirfry.

Or, for a North European meal, a whole one roasted and served with a sharp apple sauce (which works as a similar “cut through the fattiness”, of the French sauce bigarade)

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I am making rhubarb sauce on the side tonight.
Maybe one of these:

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Duck with green olives
Pappardelle with duck sauce
Peruvian duck “soup”

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Thanks for the links. I haven’t tried the Peruvian dish before!

Phoenikia, I have replaced the pappardelle recipe with an English language version

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Thank you.

Friend does the duck breast with a sousvide prep and comes out amazing like lawrys rare roast beef but duck. Legs done crispy separately. And skin on breast torched at end.

I like it served with peeled boiled potatoes red cabbage kraut and duck gravy maybe some lingonberries. Danes here.

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Good call.


Duck confit using the sous vide method is really great as it gives you an easy starting point for many great dishes and it is much easier than the “conventional” duck confit method

This older Molly O’Neill duck with collard greens and spoonbread recipe is one of my favorites.

I also love the Paula Wolfert duck recipes with green olives. I found only one of those online.

And duck confit.


Thanks for the links!

Since I’m just cooking for myself, I only cook a D’Artagnan duck breast, as I did this past Friday night.

I keep it simple on the method of cooking…remove it from the packaging and dry it well with paper towels. Cross hatch the duck fat, season with s/p, and start it in a cold stainless steel skillet, fat side down. Let it sit for a minimum of 5 minutes on medium heat. Turn it over after the fat cap gets nice and crispy, leaving it in the pan for about 30 seconds. I then remove it to another baking dish for barely 5 minutes in the oven at 350°. Pull it at 130° and let rest for a few minutes before slicing.

On Friday, I made a blackberry sauce, but I’ve also done a blood orange and ginger glaze, a spicy mango-plum sauce, a red wine and shallot sauce, an apple cider sauce, and several others, almost always fruit-related.


This recent one the skin on breast sorta skip but small price to pay for that kind of meat the skin on legs crisp.

Lingonberries and some light jus on top. Personally I like cranberries a bit better but nothing fancy.

This is actually part of my wife’s family’s traditional Xmas dinner…


Learnign this method a few years back was an absolute revelation




And saving the duck fat for home fries or roasting potatoes is also required.


The King of duck fries abdicated:

We never got the chance to take him up on the answer to our e.mail asking whether BYOB would be tolerated. His reply: ". . . as long as you share . . . "


Peking Duck is my favorite but it’s just too much work to do at home.

My main proteins are beef tenderloin and duck breast so a bunch gets consumed here.

My technique sounds similar to @LindaWhit

I score the duck skin, salt/pepper and put skin side down on a cold skillet (just as one would with bacon) over low flame until the fat is rendered and skin is crispy. Then to high flame to sear a minute or two on the meat side and finish in a 400F oven to about 165F. Rest a couple minutes, slice thin.


I’ve had that recipe on my list for a while - dying to know how it turned out. :slight_smile:

I am gun shy about trying to do crispy skin, whole roasted duck, but the braised dish always sounded fantastic.

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