Deviled Eggs - your favorite version, tips, and tricks?

Yes, I had leftover filling, spread on a triskit with some cuke salad on top.


I’m pretty proud of these. You know, I always like Whole Foods house brand, 365. So, I bought 2 dozen of 365 large eggs, less pricey than other selections.

What’s strange is they seem medium size to me, some of the eggs are noticeably smaller than the majority. I think this could be important if you’re baking a cake or something.


The friends who came to dinner brought us a load of shiso leaves from their garden. We ate the leftovers wrapped in the leaves.


Sumac- brilliant! Ima go cook me some eggs…

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Haven’t made them for a long time.
Smoked devilled eggs are real nice (boil eggs, crack shells, smoke, proceed)
I normally use yoghurt instead of mayo, rest is open to what I feel like at that point in time.
Tuna, salmon, harissa, curry paste, garlic, etc etc

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I made this hummus/olive/feta version per spec, as an advance trial for a party tomorrow night. I like it but it’s a bit more tart than I like - not really unexpected as everything but the herbs and nuts is a tart element.

I think I will downplay the hummus a bit (maybe reduce to 2/3 spec) and replace the sour cream with plain mayo.

Edit - well, this is weird. I dropped a couple in my wife’s home office and she just got off a call and tried them. She generally likes tart stuff a little less than I do but loved them and doesn’t want me to make any changes.

She just said, “But you gotta print up a little card warning people that these are regular Southern-style”.


Edit2 - I goofed above, "But you gotta print up a little card warning people that these are regular Southern-style”. should have said, “are not regular”.

We took 3 pieces of this deviled egg over to my wife’s parents’ house where my wife and 2 daughters were helping make cookies, and my MIL and FIL said they absolutely loved them as were and said use this recipe for the dinner tomorrow.

So I guess I’m the only odd man out.


Re eggs looking too small: eggs are sized by weight so that must be the reason…

I think tobiko might be good for a filling. Would be a good color contrast too.

Simple: a little BF mayo or Durkee’s, mixed wth the cooked yolk, piped into the opening. Sometimes add fresh snipped chives but usually the chives are a garnish as are fresh parsley, smoked paprika or minced lox and dill on different halves. They go quick.
I have a thing about eating deviled eggs, I’ll only eat the ones I have prepared. I do not eat the ones at pgatherings because I don’t know how long they’ve been out of refrigeration or the cleanliness of the maker’s kitchen. Once burned, twice shy.


No Durkee’s on the west coast. :frowning:
Something I really miss from east of the Rockies.

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I used to buy it at the regular grocery stores in Oakland, bitd.

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I’ll ask around. I’ve certainly never seen it in Oregon. ?

Rooster posted this recipe upthread that I’m now calling “Mediterranean Deviled Eggs” and I made it again for a dinner party.

I said above I was thinking to reduce the hummus some, but I hadn’t considered that the hummus is the main liquid component. So with all 12 egg yolks already mashed into it, the filling was too thick to pipe and I ended up using the full amount.

These were a big hit at the party and disappeared quickly - the first set of 12 were gone in just a few minutes and I had to refill the tray. I had 24 pieces total, and my daughter had drawn up a seasonal festive description card (just calling them “Mediterranean Deviled Eggs” and listing the major components so people wouldn’t get sticker shock).

It was fun to stand back and just watch them go in real time. The first guy says he loves deviled eggs so I mentioned the card, he tried one, grabbed a second and ran over to his wife, she tried it and grabbed a friend and dragged her over, she got one for herself then after trying it grabbed a second and trotted back over to her husband, etc.

Thanks @Rooster!

The best thing about it is, despite stuffing the eggs as much as possible, as with most DE recipes you have some leftover filling, and with this recipe it’s a lot of leftover filling. Slathered a bunch of it on toasted crusty bread for breakfast this morning for my wife and me, and it’s really tasty.


Can you list amounts of ingredients? What kind of olives?

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@Aubergine there is a link to the recipe in his post.

@CCE gorgeous!!!

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Yes - link to the recipe below but as Gretchen mentioned it’s buried (kind of hidden) in the prior post.

It calls for kalamata olives and my first small trial used some of those that we had leftover from a salad, but when I opened my ancient container in the fridge to make again from the party, those were mushy, so I just grabbed some new queen garlic-stuffed green olives and diced them. They were fine in the recipe - those in the know (wife, in-laws) said they couldn’t tell a difference from the kalamata version.

I did give the garlic stuffings to the dog, which I don’t recommend, as it resulted in horrible farts. Or so my kids claim. I was at the party and missed that fun.


I believe!! Dogs + garlic or onions = not good. Glad you missed it. :rofl: