Cordless immersion blender - yes or no?

this is reply to bcc and also to ask trockwood re her cordless immersion bender
I have cuisinart’s cordless immersion blender. went thru 2 of them in 6 years.Battery no longer will charge . Cuisinart does not offer that part.

I use it mainly for crushing my garlic but yesterday, when I had 3 lbs of garlic to crush, I found out the battery was dead. Called Cuisinart, they say they do not have that part for sale.

The cordless one is fantastic as you do not have to worry abut the cord getting burnt and is quite convenient. However, it is upsetting that the battery part cannot be purchased and one has to buy another unit, it seems every 3 years. So, Have one battery in my cupboard and 2 of all the other components which I seldom use.

The All Clad cordless as well as the Kitchen Aid cost over $200.00
The newer cuisinart is $120 but I hate to spend $120 on an equipment that I use every few days for 2 minute, that wil last only 3 years. In addition, I have no use for the electric knife that is included with the newer unit as well as customer’s complaint that is not a feature on the older version.
It seems to turn it on you simultaneously have to press two buttons: an on switch and a lock release button. Once the unit is on, however, you can take your finger off the lock release button, but you’ll have to use both hands to start it again if it is turned off. Some really dislike that, but others aren’t bothered by it.
So, Trockwood, what model do you have?Pros and Cons?
Maybe I will just smash my garlic with my meat pounder.

I’m looking at a cordless Kitchenaid model that’s available here. It is supposed to be as good as the corded models, and is covered by a 5-year Total Replacement Warranty, whatever that means.

Kitchen Aid Pro line KHB3581 is $299 at WS, less than $250 at Amazon
The cheapest cordless model is still Cuisinart but they only last me 3 years or less.

How do you like it?

I’ve only used it once or twice, but I do like it. I got the 5-speed cordless Kitchenaid. The fact that it’s cordless makes everything much easier, and it’s well designed. The blending arms and other attachments twist off and can go into the sink, and the motor does not have to get near the water.

As far as I am concerned, yes. I don’t use the immersion blender where I think that the food processor or the Vitamix is called for. But tonight I used it to chop almonds. I started on speed 1. It just tossed them around. So I went up to speed 5, the highest speed it has. It did a good job of chopping them. Not perfect, but our hand grinder doesn’t do a perfect job either. I am pleased with it.

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Have you purchased your cordless Kitchen aid immersion blender yetl?
Finally, received answer from Cuisinart after text to them back and forth since Feb 15. They never answer calls.
They are selling me a Cuisinart cordless 300 series one for a discount of 20% but with shipping etc, it is still $10.00 more than Amazon , the cheapest one being $149.00 at Amazon.
So, I am moving on. Probably will look into buying the Kitchen cordless one (stuck on preferring a cordless model)

KitchenAid KHB3581SR Pro Line Series Sugar Pearl Silver 5-Speed Cordless Hand Blender

It sells at Amazon for $239.95 but direct from KitchenAid for same , with promotion code for March 2019, there is a 10% discount and tax, comes to $228.95. I was told they no longer can sell the lithium battery but if I buy directly from them (? not from Amazon it seems), if the battery goes kaput within the 5 year .
Have you purchased. yours yet? does it need to mounted on counter top or directly into electrical outlet?

Yes, but I got the red one! I mentioned it in another thread. It did come with a lithium battery, which I assume can be replaced. And what I paid for it was around $250.

So far I have used it two or three times. I started the water chocolate mousse with it and then switched to a manual whisk because I was afraid of the mousse getting grainy. And I grated almonds with it. It has 5 speeds, and for grating almonds the highest speed was necessary. It didn’t do a perfect job, but it was about as good as my hand grater does. And the almonds made a good coating for the chicken nuggets.

The machine does not come with a stand. But it has numerous utensils . One of them is the covered mixing/chopping bowl. This attachment consists of 3 parts, the bowl itself, the blade, and the cover that attaches to the blender. I use the cover of the bowl as a stand for the blender and keep everything else stashed away in various drawers. By the way, the cover of the chopping bowl and the attachment head of the whisk are the only two non-electric parts that cannot go into the dishwasher.

So I am very happy with it. And not having a cord hanging around is great.

thanks for quick reply
However, I still am not sure bec I read reviews at amazon and found that it has a charging base , not plug directly into a wall outlet. I hate to have appliances on my countertop. Customers it seems are happy with a carrying case as well as the charging base.
I definitely would not want to have another appliance on my countertop
This is my son’s answer
I’ve looked everywhere including video reviews and no one shows or mentions the charging base.
People mention there is a charging base that it rests in, but there is no more details.
I saw one other person mention a “wall mount” which might also be included.
It takes a while to call CS at Kitchen aid again, so, bottom line is can I store everything in my cabinet, out of site, except the charger which I can plug into an electrical outlet?

This is, I think, the model I have: Since this is from the American website, my European model may differ. The rounded object at the bottom right is the charger, but it is not a base that the blender can stand in. It is only for charging the battery, which has to be removed from the blender for charging.

By the way, I had to contact Cuisinart about a new bowl for a machine I was giving away, and I got them on the phone at a US number, and they were very helpful.

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Just got off the phone with Kitchen Aid.
the options for phone contact does not meet my question so I had to speak to different CS rep who transferred me and this lady had to go look at the parts to answer me.
Apparently, the battery does not plug into the wall ( cuisinart model does) so, this charger together with removable cord stays on the countertop or one can tuck it away out of site when not in use and take it out to charge.
I will let my son decide as I only use it to crush my garlic and sometimes onions. Since I have had 2 sets of the Cuisinart, I have 2 sets of their accessories which is in one shelf o my cabinet. He uses it mainly if he wants scrambled eggs for breakfast.
I guess if this is his decision instead of cuisinart, I will elect to get the red one also as their silver one is almost like the silver color of my sodastream/kitchen aid soda maker.( KSS1121) , a fantastic product if you are interested.
Instead of using the small CO2 tank that is expensive when one has t recharge or exchange,= those smaller cartridges, my son bought adapters as well a larger CO2 tank that lies hidden inside the well behind my kitchen countertop ( designed so one can sit with one’s lower extremity in the well to clean windows. ) . That tank is about 5 feet long , refilling that tank at a gas station close by cost around $70.00 which last us almost 7-8 months. Of course, there is only two of us when he is around but he does have quite a lot of parties and I no longer have to buy and carry those pelligrino sparkling water anymore. Our guests have bought those machines when they found out how reasonable they cost. Just to buy extra bottles when we are expecting guest.
Again, thanks

Glad to have been of help.

This is a strange concept, meaning if the battery dies, the blender is dead. Hopefully with the European law, they need to provide or sell a new battery than forcing you to buy a new blender.

What I meant is that the battery alone goes into the charger, not the entire blender. And while I haven’t looked into it, I assume that the battery can be purchased separately.

From the Kitchenmaid US website, people complain they don’t sell the spare battery separately.

Well, then I hope the damn thing lives a long time!

But it looks like replacement batteries are available in Switzerland:

Great! But there is no price attached.

Oh, my husband reads a lot about rechargeable batteries, to make them longer lasting, the thing is don’t let them sit in the cupboard for long time. An long time empty battery will be damaged and lead to a total death eventually. (That’s how our old iPods, phones, tablets or even portable computer battery dies.) Even not using it, it is better to take it out to recharge it from time to time every other month…or better use it often and recharge!

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Half price with the refurbished ones on eBay.

OK, I just received mine and now, everything is clear. This is also for bcc who has been very helpful
The US model if purchased from Kitchen Aid and not from Amazon has a 5 year warranty
There is no battery replacement for sale but if within 5 years , the battery dies, a replacement will be given free.
It was unclear from all my questions re battery stand etc as I hate to have anything cluttering my countertop.
The US version comes in a tray with a carrying case for all the accessories so it can be brought to vacation home or second home conveniently. The battery charger is small , battery is non obtrusive,.
The only thing that goes inside my overhead cabinet are the pitcher and the chopper
The rest of the accessories are neatly organized in a tray that goes inside my drawer and when one needs to carry it somewhere, the tray goes inside this plexiglass carrying case with handle easily. One just has to pack the pitcher or chopper separately.
Here are pictures. I still. have not used it as it is charging.
So, it does not seem to bother me so I am glad as I hate clutter on my countertop. It is next to my sonos 1 which is black so, it is hardly visible.


Hope you enjoy it! I’ve been enjoying mine.