Cordless immersion blender - yes or no?

I only use it to crush my garlic but I have a ton of garlic that I recently chopped by hand, roast in EVOO and so, not going to Costco till next week.
My son use it for scrambled eggs and for smoothie when he has only one to make otherwise, he use Vitamix.
I am glad I bought it though.
Did u know that the wires can be coiled around the bottom of the charger? I called Kitchen aid and asked if the unit has a mechanism for the wires to recoil inside the charged unit, the answer was negative. Almost bought another stupid cuisnart unit. Thanks

HELLO, want to get back with you re the kitchen aid cordless immersion blender
I have had problem with the battery that I received initially on 3/9/2019. The charger continuously flashes, non stop . So, on 4/11/2019, I received an entire replacement unit. Same problem with the battery , so, they sent m a new battery, told me to discard the battery that came with the second. unit.
I only use it for chopping garlic and onion. The unit still flashes continuously. I called Kitchen Aid. CS told me that I should not charge it for long period of time, as it has a memory. So, I started to time it after each use, remove it from charger after one hour or two.
Last Sunday, I was cooking paella for a group of guest. Had to chop more garlic and onion than usual. Well, the battery run out, so after recharging the battery to finish my job, I left it on. Yesterday, the charger showed rapid flash which means the battery can be defective, cold, hot or wet. I called today, no technical support for small item, just CS, They finally agreed to send me a whole new replacement unit.
Has there been any problem with yours?
I wander if it is the battery , charger or poor engineering ?

Sorry to hear that. We haven’t had any problems. But we haven’t used it for long periods of time. I have used it mostly for water chocolate mousse. My wife has used it for other things. When we’re done, we release the battery so that it is inside the unit, but not usable. But if you take it apart and put it in its case whenever you are done, you get the same result. I hope you get this cleared up.

Late to the party here.

In my experience the cordless immersion blenders are not balanced well and I find them awkward to use. Cord management on a corded one is much less trouble for me.

I use my KitchenAid immersion blender for soups, mayonnaise, occasionally a smoothie for my wife (she uses a stand blender but I don’t like the clean up), and light chopping of nuts. Any recipe that says “puree” gets the stick blender.

thanks for info
apparently, I may have gotten either bad battery or bad charger
I only use it for garlic and onions, when I have to make bigger batches, I use my cuisnart food processor but then, I have to take it out of the cabinet and it is too heavy for me.
They are sending me a brand new set tomorrow.
I have not used any other attachment other than the chopper.
This is convenient because the whole unit is in my drawer and the attachments are in my cabinet which are light , easy access.

Good luck!

That looks an awful lot like sometimes son left behind after his most recent move.

Nope. Not cordless.

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the one in the picture I posted is the kitchen aid cordless immersion blender with all kinds of attachments. It has a separate charger unit that sits on counter top where. you drop the battery into.It is more expensive than the cuisinart one , ( I had 3 of them but the battery does not last more than 2 years at most.
Here is a picture of the Cuisinart cordless that I owned.( mine does not include the knife) The lithium battery is on the unit itself and taken out to plug directly into an electric outlet. The price used to be under $100 during the course of my buying . Amazon price is sped up but I guess it includes the knife. The price has come down considerably. It was around $140 when I had to shop for a new one in April.

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I hope you get this message
I am now into my 3rd entire replacement unit and a replacement battery since March 2019.
I have only used the chopper attachment for garlic and onions, nothing else,
After using briefly each time, ( 2 minutes at most) , the battery goes into the charger, it starts flashing slowly and when fully charged, the light stays on… Instruction manual states that if the light flashes fast, the battery is either defective, hot, cold or wet. My kitchen is at 68 degrees in the summer, 70-72 degrees in the winter, never used the battery for prolong period of time that it would get hot nor is it ever wet.
The first unit received, the light flashes very fast, never stopped. So, after one week, CS sent me a battery as replacement. Same thing happened, a 2nd unit full replacement was sent in April, 2019. Same fast flashing after it was full charged , I was by CS that told perhaps I should unplug the battery as it has a memory. I did but when I used it 3 weeks ago for a little bit longer period of time as I was having a party and had to chop more garlic and onions, the battery died before I could chop the onions. I thought perhaps this is because I used it longer, so I recharge the battery. It took many hours to recharge. I ended up chopping the onions manually.

So, I called CS again. I wanted to speak to a technical adviser. I was told there is none for countertop appliances. They then sent me a new third replacement unit. Upon opening, I found out that there was no cord inside the case. I called and asked if I was sent factory seconds or rejects. In going back to their website, I found out they had discontinued this model , now on sale for $179.00. I paid $329 minus 10% in March, 2019. A cord finally arrived and now, I find the battery is again flashing very fast. I am not sure if that is how it is supposed to be but the manual clearly states that if the battery flashes very fast, the battery is ether defective, too cold, too hot or wet!
I am almost at the point of asking for refund . Is the battery supposed to flash slowly, then, a steady light, but after a few hours or days flashes very fast? Can you check if.yours does the same thing? CS does not really know anything. They are just rating from the manual. No tech support
to trouble shoot and explain if this fast flashing is normal, that the manual made an error ?

A refund and get a cord one! All the anguish!

Few companies do cordless right, including great batteries, Dyson is one, but they don’t make kitchen appliances.

I used to h ave a corded one before
I hate the cord being dragged thru my burners
Remember , I have 10 burners ( or 14 as my plancha may have 4 burners)

I’m sorry you’re having problems. I just checked mine. I ran it for two minutes and then put the battery in the charger. The light blinked slowly. It sounds like you got a lemon. Are there other cordless models available?

cannot believe that after 3 unit and 1 battery replaced, still same problem
My first unit blinked very fast continuously, battery replaced. had same problem.
Second replacement unit, My light blinked slowly and then it stopped blinking with a steady light but a day after, it blinked very fast continuously for 2 weeks until the third replacement arrived.
CSsays it has memory but that is not true because it is not a lithium battery but Li-ion battery and it clearly states no memory! They suggested that with third unit, to remove battery from charger. Well, I did so, but when I had a party and had to crush more garlic and onion, the battery died in the middle of using it. So, had to do the rest manually. The battery was left on the charger for more than a week, the light never stopped flashing quickly.
Did you leave. your battery on the charger for more than day or two and LED light does not blink fast after?
No tech adviser available for countertop equipment! UNBELIEVABLE!
They discontinued the model which was $329 and now selling for $179
A newer model is coming out but they do not know when
All Clad had a cordless one, was $300 and now $149.00
I like all clad but found out recent all clads are made in China
Al my All clads cookware were from 1979
My original Cuisinart purchased in the 70’s was made in France.
I retired, gave my old one for a newer model and found out 2 years ago, there was a problem with the newer model. I was asked to throw away my blade and wait for a new blade which took one year.
If you were with chowhound in 2016, you would have known the frustrations members wrote.
I found out my newer model was made in China and that millions had to be ordered which took one year for mine to be replaced!
8 million Cuisinart food processor blades have been recalled. … The blade can crack, causing small pieces of the metal blade to break off into the food. So far there have been 69 reports of people finding pieces of the blade in their food, including 30 reports of mouth lacerations or tooth injuries.Dec 14, 2016

I just looked at my Kitchenaid. It says in large print that it was designed in the USA, and elsewhere in small print that it was made in China. The battery charger was also made in China.
Charging the battery takes us a couple of hours, then we unplug the charger.

Is there any possibility that there is something wrong with the fuse for the socket you are using?

I tend to avoid cordless appliances, except Sonicare toothbrushes.

Would something like this work to solve your frustrating problem? Don’t know the logistics of adding them post build or remodel however. I have two strips, one on the end of the peninsula and another on the end of the island. Really love them.

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I found out it is being made in China
It is absurd that I received an entire new 3rd unit without a charging cord
I stayed 45 min on phone and demanded to speak to supervisor who confirmed that a newer cordless unit will be arriving in matter of weeks? ( not sure)
She told me that although it is Li-ion battery , supposedly with no memory, it is best that I take the battery out of the charger unit and also unplug the charger.
I timed when the battery gets fully charged, it takes around 2-3 hours. So, you are correct.
No, there is nothing wrong with the outlet as I charged it using different outlets in the kitchen where I have my Sonos plugged in.
I did read about Li-ion battery , that is why they are recommending the unit be unplug. Apparently there is possibility of fire hazard.
The batteries have a high energy density, no memory effect (other than LFP cells)[12] and low self-discharge. They can however be a safety hazard since they contain a flammable electrolyte, and if damaged or incorrectly charged can lead to explosions and fires. Samsung were forced to recall Galaxy Note 7 handsets following lithium-ion fires,[13] and there have been several incidents involving batteries on Boeing 787s.

Apparently, it is not the charging strips.
It has something to do with the Lithium Ion battery as opposed to Lithium battery
These units are made in China, not in USA
Kitchen Aid has discontinued the product, and selling them for $170 plus as opposed to $329
A newly designed unit wil be available in a matter of weeks (?)
Very disappointing , 3 entire units and one battery and batteries are not charging correctly
Also, it seems lithium ion battery can also catch fire.
Read what I sent to bcc.

Yes, I understand your problem and frustration; I guess keep going until there’s a successful resolution.

I was merely suggesting having a power strip installed away from your burners, and just buy a corded model, thus ending your frustrations with the battery operated unit you have. Sounds like you’ve really had a time with quality control and customer service issues. What a bummer for you @ccj!

thanks for empathy
One never knows what is going on out there whenever a new product is introduced.
Just read that to wit till 2020 for more newer more refined lithium ion batteries