What’s For Dinner #42 - 2/2019 - the Hearts & Flowers & Brrrr-Chilly Winter Edition

Traded some biryani for assorted rolled/stuffed items. One is grape leaves, I think behind it is rolled cabbage, but I’m not sure what vegetable the larger stuffed item is. We eat stuffed bittermelon semi-regularly, but this wasn’t that bitter.


Oven baked legs and thighs with bbq sauce . Mashed potatoes and zucchini . Is it spring yet ? Wine to drink :wine_glass: Cheers .


Interesting - the proportions are very similar to the one I had linked, but extra sugar.

Well, from my experience, kids can be very difficult with savoury food. But with sweets, they are easy.

There is a regional saying in the southwest (I forget if it’s La Rochelle or l’Arcachon) Man who doesn’t like dessert is not a good man. :thinking: :grin::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Such a good idea to include Pom Molasses in beef casseroles and gravy. It gives them just a little sweet/sharp “edge”.

Dinner tonight is a recipe from Thomasina Myers which she calls “Chickpea, black pudding and spinach ragu”. Now then, I’m a bloke from northwest England so black pudding is hardwired into my DNA. I eat it for breakfast, lunch or dinner and am obviously drawn to new ideas for it.

Thomasina starts with cooking dried chickpeas but I’m using tinned, so they don’t appear till later. Before that, red onion and leek are softened in olive oil. Garlic, bay, tinned tomatoes, chunks of skinned black pudding, cinnamon, paprika and sherry vinegar all go in and it simmers for 15 minutes. Chickpeas are added and it simmers for a few minutes more, then baby spinach is added. Served with bread and lemon wedges.

I suspect she got her inspiration for this from something Spanish using morcilla (or I’ve certainly had a tapa in Spain that involved chickpeas and chorizo).

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I left out the extra sugar. And I started mixing it with my new, cordless immersion blender, switching to a hand whisk when it was about half done to keep it from getting grainy.

Does it have enough power, like compared to a cord one?

I can’t say yet. All I have done so far is the chocolate mousse and whipped some cream. It comes with a zillion attachments, so I’ll try chopping nuts with it one of these days.

i’m always a sucker for a good chicken marsala. looks great.

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The Sicilian pizza bug struck hard this weekend. I’m getting pretty happy with the results, but am still figuring out oven temp and height of the rack to get decent browning on the cheese, and a crust that isn’t too browned but has a decent color. I use Kenji Lopez-Alt’s food processor dough recipe, and the first time cooked it at his recommended 550 in the bottom third of the oven. The bottom got too brown before the pizza was cooked through. This time I tried 500 in the upper quarter, and the cheese browned before the bottom had decent color. Next time I think I’ll try 475 on the middle rack.

The large pizza is cheese, and the two smaller ones are banana pepper, and sausage with banana pepper. We’re pretty happy with the pies overall, though.


I am literally salivating. This Rhode Islander loves Sicilian pizza pies above all. But I don’t have the courage to attempt them at home. Kudos! They look most awesome.


Thanks, digga! Actually, the most challenging part is being patient stretching the dough to the ends and the corners. Kenji’s processor dough is super easy…just add the ingredients and process for a couple of minutes. It does put a strain on my aging processor, though.

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Have you made the America’s Test Kitchen recipe? If so, do you prefer one over the other?

I haven’t, but when I plan better I will take their advice and make the dough a day or two ahead and cold-ferment in the fridge. Their sauce is actually a bit closer to what I ended up liking best, but I don’t use the anchovies they call for since my son is a vegetarian. Kenji’s sauce calls for more garlic and oregano than I like. 3/4 teaspoon oregano and 4 medium cloves of garlic work well for our tastes. Also, they put their cheese on the sauce, which is how we prefer it. Kenji put’s his under the sauce, directly on the dough.


Thanks for the insight. We were in Philly recently and saw a Sicilian pizza-like thing called “tomato pie”. It looked like just sauce on dough, but maybe there was cheese underneath the sauce.

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Totally a Goldilocks and the Three Bears situation. LOL


Ha, absolutely!

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Sunday meals
Beef kidneys cooked with onion, white wine, garlic and basil tomatoes sauce, OK, maybe like it slightly stronger. Well a change from the classic cream and mushroom… Recipe from Delia.

Mullet cooked with shallot in oven, fish soy sauce added at the end of cooking.

Sided with a shrimp fried rice with coconut milk, and also leek with green chilli.

A beetroot tarte tatin (upside down tart) - onion in slices, caramised with cooked beetroot with balsamic vinegar and brown sugar, cooked for 20 minutes in a non stick pan, added the puff pastry on the top and cooked in oven for 30 minutes…

Raw tuna with chive and sashimi soy sauce


Hummus, kawarma and salad


Getting leeks in my CSA box tomorrow. Can you point me to more about the leek and green chili?