Cookware Digression and Drift

“Practical kitchen cooking systems” sounds like something that I cannot define or imagine. Practical in what sense? Kitchen I get. No campfire threads. Cooking systems. Are we talking WiFi or hard wired? Or are we talking about regimens? Sorry, but no thanks. I know what cookware is.


I’m watching Chef Alvin Cailan and Joshua Weissman create the most asinine cheeseburger with molecular gastronomy. Chef used the phrase pickle fluid gel and Alexa activated to tell me “sorry I’m not sure about that.” My echo dot is now fully sentient.


In my experience, most cookware discussions are started by people who want to list the pricey contents of their kitchens.


Not me, Vecchiouomo, not for the topics you think belong under that rubric.

That’s why topics fall apart.

You dismiss “systems” because you don’t see it as a category upgrade–it’s not the same ol’, same ol’

Most of the items in our kitchen are at least partly controlled by software or firmware–more and more different from our past. We live in a world of systems relatedness.

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I think that has often been the case recently. Not necessarily all about pricey items - but definitely showcasing what people already have.

There seem to be less people passing through here with questions or seeking recommendations, and that type of thread also doesn’t seem to get much action.


The original topic title was ‘Digression and Drift’. To differentiate from another topic about thread drift that’s not specifically about cookware, I added ‘Cookware’ to the beginning of the title. Is there an issue?

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How did you make it yellow highlight?


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I would also add that while performance of cookware may be objective in some circumstances, the home set up of the user does greatly influence the performance or outcome of the cooking – and this could be location, other equipment (stove being a big one!). This invariably brings out all sorts of ‘experts’ who want to analyze things down to the atomic and molecular level. Some of these expert conversations are engaging and interesting, while some are just so far down into the tips of the roots of the weeds that it’s no longer relevant to 95% of the users. And sometimes even being a true expert, it doesn’t make the anecdotal experience any less true because it could be other factors in the users cooking environment. Both opinions may be valid.

I’m not planning on taking up forging of any metals to craft my own cookware, nor will I be building my own mechanical devices to get more precision cooking or temperature control. Most of the time, I just want to know what’s good and user opinions and also whether or not I’m getting ripped off by a store. :sweat_smile:



:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: never fails

It was a joke.


A joke with substances


No one comes to these threads for advice anymore because the last few years on Chowhound pretty much played that scene out, and people obviously decided that the non-sensical ramblings of a few know-nothings and the subsequent skirmishes weren’t worth their time. Who wants to wade through BS philosophical ramblings, and opinions from people who have never even owned most of the cookware being discussed?

It wasn’t always like that. Sure, there were disagreements about things, but they were based on real knowledge and/or experiences. And people did come to a forum for actual knowledge and advice. And they got. And I am sure I am not the only one who got/gets regular emails from people genuinely asking for advice and reliable information. It’s a real shame that things devolved the way they did. Now people rely on ATK, and the pseudo expertise there.

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I just started making a post to the Induction thread in hopes of getting it back on topic but ended up not posting it because what is the point? I don’t mind a little drift. Especially if it is somewhat related to the topic at hand but at some point, move it to NAF. There is a thread there great for random thoughts on random topics.


It truly would be a shame for people to rely on ATK. The wares ATK promotes are fine, but there are certainly better choices in most areas, sometimes even at better prices. On another forum people were asked to rank their abilities as cooks on a scale of 1-10. The answers seemed generally honest and modest. A three part list of: (1) your ability, (2) the principal top several types of cuisine you cook, and (3) the top brands and types of pans and knives in your kitchen would probably tell a newbie or prospective buyer more than a debate of Sitram, Demeyre, All Clad, Hestan, etc. What a novice or poor cook uses or what someone who cooks mainly Indian or Japanese uses would be of limited utility to me. But for person who likes Bistro dishes, being pointed to sources for old heavy copper and no name carbon steel would be very useful.


Agreed. The most important part is to actually address what the OP is asking about, using experience and acquired knowledge, without bloviating about your own personal cooking journey. The problem is that certain people start to imagine themselves as “content creators” when they really don’t have the knowledge to back it up. Then the forum becomes useless for genuine inquiry and discovery and takes on more of a “magazine” feel.


You realize we’re in mid 2022, not 2012?


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LoL - it took me 3 readings of this to finally digest that you weren’t talking about the moderator.

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Not sure what your point is, but considering this site wasn’t created until 2015…