Cookbook of the Month October 2022 - Nominations

Welcome to the October nominations thread.
I have agreed to coordinate our little group (more always welcome and encouraged!) for the next three months. This post is two days late, so I’m off to a typical-for-me start. I can be forgetful, but I’ll always come through in the end. About me: I was a lurker on HO many years ago but ultimately didn’t have enough time for multiple food websites, so I stuck with CH to the end. I’m happy to be back and have mostly been reading along.
Now to the nominations:
Our September book still have over two weeks to go, but it’s time to start nominating for October. What will the community choose? It won’t be “soup weather” for some time where I live (if ever, really), but October may bring out the warm-and-cozy nominations. Some areas are still phasing out summer vegetables, so perhaps a produce-centric book will have us making the most of the end of the season. Maybe it will be a book free of the bounds of climate and season. In any case, I always look forward to the thoughtful nomination process.
To nominate a book, put the title in ALL CAPS in the comments below. Titles not in all caps will not be counted as a nomination. You may nominate as many books as you wish. We do ask that you make your nominations with the intent of cooking along should the book be selected.

Nominations will close on Sunday, Sept. 18, at 10pm Pacific Time, U.S. After the nominations are counted, I will post a voting thread with the top contenders.

To see a list of our past selections, visit the COTM archive.


Thanks @maestra!

Strikes me that Oct is the last month for any laborious cooking for the year before holiday season cooking and baking sets in.

I’d be excited about any kind of Asian book (but don’t have one in mind yet), or otherwise international, generally something else that needs a bit more effort, as the next time folks will have bandwidth for that is probably Feb.

HEIRLOOM KITCHEN : Heritage Recipes and Family Stories from the Tables of Immigrant Women

THE IMMIGRANT COOKBOOK : Recipes that Make America Great

ETHIOPIA : Recipes and Traditions from the Horn of Africa / Yanni Gebreyesus


Cultural Revolution Cookbook : I have the first edition of this odd little book and love it. Looks like they came out with a new one, and a kindle version too.

The Malaysian Kitchen : 150 Recipes for Simple Home Cooking

The last two aren’t in caps. Are they intended to be nominations?


CULTURAL REVOLUTION COOKBOOK : I have the first edition of this odd little book and love it. Looks like they came out with a new one, and a kindle version too.

THE MALAYSIAN KITCHEN : 150 Recipes for Simple Home Cooking


I’m pretty new here, but I like the idea.
Can I play ;)?

It will be scorching hot here in October, so recipes from hot climates seem like the way to go.

THE MALAYSIAN KITCHEN looks interesting

Can I add:
CURRY by Vivek Singh (and others)
CRADLE OF FLAVOR by James Oseland?


LLD will be away a bit in October, so I likely won’t be cooking as much and wasn’t going to nominate, but I always want to cook more from THE MALAYSIAN KITCHEN so I’ll happily jump on that bandwagon. I just made a favorite recipe from it this week: the chickpea salad with peppers, which is delicious.


I haven’t really cooked much Malaysian food at all, but I’m fascinated by the melting pot. That, and @klyeoh’s posts always look so delicious!


MESA MEXICANA from Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger
THE FOOD LAB by Kenji Lopez-Alt
EXTRA VIRGIN by Gabriele Corcos and Debi Mazar

I can definitely second

ETHIOPIA - I’ve been wanting to do this one for a long time now.

THE MALAYSIAN KITCHEN - I cooked a lot from this when it was COTM over on CH, and really liked it. Mr. MM’s favorite laksa recipe is within. I’d be up to revisit.

And I want to add

KOREAN VEGAN - this one was getting quite a bit of traction earlier this year, before the demise of CH. And then somehow fell off the radar. I have cooked a bit from it, not a ton. I think it would make a great COTM. It’s a mix of traditional and fusion-y dishes (author married an Italian, so a lot of Korean-Italian cross pollination).

Token sentence so I can post.

Mel, you’ve definitely interested me in Korean Vegan, and it will definitely get my vote/nomination some other month.

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I just downloaded the ebook from my library and can’t find the laksa recipe; please point me to it.

I found chicken laksa; do you use that recipe and sub vegetables?

I use fried tofu instead of chicken.

I also meant to include a nomination for

THE WOK - by J. Kenji López-Alt

Another one that we were nominating a lot when it first came out, and it’s dropped off for some reason.

Have to return the library copy, but a new book is on its’ way here.


Took this from the library last month when I thought it might win. Lots of interesting things.

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Thank you for the description of Korean Vegan, MelMM. The fusion aspect may make it more interesting than I assumed (thought it wouldn’t have much new to offer).
To Saregama’s point about October possibly being the last month participants might be looking for interesting cooking projects, I was thinking about nominating both I Dream of Dinner and Ottolenghi Simple in the months to come. Now that I type that out, I have to admit that my favorite recipes in Simple aren’t all that simple, but I’d love to revisit it anyway. I Dream of Dinner truly is simple.

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EXTRA VIRGIN by Gabriele Corcos and Debi Mazar


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About 30 hours left to get your nominations in for October COTM 2022!