Cookbook of the Month October 2022 - Nominations

THALI - Maunika Gowardhan.

Newish, but my library has it so maybe others do too? There are also several available online.

I’ve found her recipes generally rewarding and un-fussy.

I’ll second THALI. I have had my eye on it.

I meant “several recipes available online.”

There are a bunch linked on EYB (link I posted), but there are usually at least as many more that were shared in various publications while the book was being publicized.

Would also be open to MAUNIKA GOWARDHAN MONTH, as she has her first cookbook as well, INDIAN KITCHEN, and a whole website, for those who cannot get the books for whatever reason.

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The ebook isn’t expensive ($9.99), and there are some interesting new-to-me ideas, like Spicy Turmeric Dal with Sichuan Pepper.

Great idea!

Her website has some excellent recipes, and great regional range.


We did Simple relatively recently on COTM on chowhound , but I had the same thought for I Dream Of Dinner for the busier months.


I am good with my nomination for Thali counting as a nomination for Maunika Gowardhan month as well.

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I participated in Ottolenghi Simple, but there are many recipes I’d still like to try. It probably won’t be the only book I’ll nominate for a second round. :slight_smile:

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Noted; I will count all Thali votes as combined with her website.
Nominations close in a few hours!


Nominations are now closed. Thank you for your participation. A voting thread will got up within the next 24 hours.

The voting thread is here:

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