Cookbook of the Month - March 2023 Nominations

Welcome to the nomination thread for our March Cookbook of the Month. Since this post is late going up, we’ll follow an abbreviated schedule. Nominations will run until Feb 21, and voting until Feb 24. That will 4 days to acquire the book before March 1. Not the way I usually like to do things, but at this point it will have to do.

To nominate a book, put the title in ALL CAPS in the comments below. Titles not in all caps will not be counted. You may nominate as many books as you wish, but please nominate with the intention of cooking along if one of your nominees is selected.

Nominations will close at 5pm EST on Feb 21. OK, this time is approximate since I will out of town and I’m not sure when I’ll actually get a chance to do it. But it will be sometime on the 21st. Once nominations are counted, I will post a voting thread.

To see a list of all our previous selections, visit the COTM archive. There is still plenty of time to cook from our current COTM, Korean American.

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ETHIOPIA , by Yohanis Gebreyesus


ONE POT, PAN, PLANET - Anna Jones (Been a minute since we cooked from any of her books).

SMITH & DAUGHTERS - Shannon Martinez and Mo Wyse. I’d also be up for a SHANNON MARTINEZ month which would be S&D along with Smith and Deli-cious and Vegan with Bite.

I just made an Anna Jones recipe last night (dal with sweet potatoes and coconut chutney), so I’d love ONE POT, ONE PAN

Corrected link to the index for One Pot, Pan, Planet.



Just a reminder that nominations close tonight. I will close them at 7pm EST.

She has a lot of books, maybe too many for one month? There are eight that I know of. Maybe narrow it down a bit, such as limiting to the roasting tin series? I don’t have any of her books, but I’d be up for giving them a try at some point.


Nominations are closed. Voting thread up in a sec.

The voting thread is here:

The March reporting thread is here: