Columbo in “Murder Under Glass”

Is anybody else a food AND Columbo fan? I thought I knew every line if every episode by now, but I don’t recall noticing that Columbo Wasa chowhound! I’m watching it on Xfinity.

[](Murder Under Glass)

Y favorite is when Columbo stick his head into the car of the murderer about to get away, and says"I can’t let you get away with it!", and asks for a soubjse recipe. Or the one where he asks if the stuffed snails includes a bechamel, and the chef looks mighty impressed.

This was from 1978 folks, before it was such a “thing”.



Sorry. Took me a minute to fix it.

Yes, funny I am a Columbo fan and just started watching it after many years - I didn’t notice what channel but suddenly it is on again. There was one recently where there was a fancy spread left after a murder and Columbo shows up to examine the crime scene and says sorry I haven’t had lunch and scarfs down a bunch of caviar at the crime scene!


Yes! Too late to fix all my typos!

I just remembered! That’s the one with the subliminal message guy!

“Double Exposure”.

How about the one where Columbo helps out on the cooking show?

This new cookbook breaks down Columbo’s best guest stars by collecting celebrity recipes


“,Columbo Really Loves Food!”


And let’s not forget he’s no snob—- he loves chili from a greasy spoon.


Watching “Agenda for Murder”, and he’s tasting the evidence,
Parmigiano-Reggiano , at the crime scene.

Watching Columbo “Under Glass” again. Maybe I’ll get a few pictures.




Wow - How did I ever miss this thread? I grew up on Prescription Murder. Love Columbo to this day. He’s on every Sunday night. My husband doesn’t care for him but that’s why we have TV’s in two different rooms.:slightly_smiling_face:


It’s not on Direct Tv is it? I’ll fill up my dvr if it is.

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We don’t have satellite/cable but you should be able to track it down. It’s on MeTV tonight at 7.

ETA: Or maybe not.


Here’s a YouTube compilation of Columbo food scenes.


That was fun!

Excited to see at least one scene I don’t remember, since its less fun when I watch an episode and know every word. Does anyone know which episode is the one where Columbo asks for just crackers and cheese at the party? Its early on in the compilation.

Also funny when he eats the escargot like he’s done it many times, then acts like he didn’t know what it was.

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I watched the compilation vid. Is he a freeloader or really forgets to eat or misses his meals? :rofl:

I am a fan of movies from the 70’s ad 80’s. Even if it’s only the setting (made to look like it’s from those decadess).

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More Columbo and look closely at the waitress in the donut scene. A young Jamie Lee Curtis.:slightly_smiling_face:


Her "third ever screen performance "!


Looks interesting tonight. Haven’t seen this one before.

I like that one. Maybe it’s just me, but there seems to be a disproportionate number of psychologists and psychiatrists as villains. :thinking:

Not about food but I’ve enjoyed this. This is part 7, which includes some food scenes, including Tommy’s pool party, and from “Under Glass”.

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