Chowhound refugees?

Aloha from Hawaii.
I wanted to say hello to everyone especially those refugees from the closing of Chowhound.
I was an occasional poster there, but long time reader.
For those here on the Hungry Onion…let me say Aloha. I am a an avid cookware collector, (and user), with a bad habit of cast iron and carbon steel skillets. I have a very bad wok habit, with at least 10 of the buggers in the kitchen. Everything from some Cen brothers hand hammered woks to more modern Made In carbon steel. My worst habit though comes from my love of knives and having friends who are knife makers. My collection runs the gambit from vintage Sabatier to Murray Carter, Shosui Takeda, Cut Brooklyn, and now Kyohei Shindo. I look forward to an interesting discussion on cookware and cutlery, and to meet both old Hungry Onion members, as well as those coming here from Chowhound.


Hi Wabi,

My most recent venture/project with kitchen knives involves my interest in repurposing Japanese knives to my California home kitchen. The knife I’m working with is a deba.

I posted on this in Chowhound, and will be following up here.

I’ve done some projects in Hawaii, so i think some of my cultural interests in cooking fusion between Asian and traditional American homes might be interesting to you.


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Welcome! I might be able to help. Send your extra knives my way. Okay , maybe just pictures.


Welcome, @wabi ! There’s a VERY long introduction thread here as well if you want to introduce yourself to the general HO public! (This is the tail end of that thread that started way back in October 2015 when HO began):

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Hi LindaWhit,

I reviewed the “introduce yourself” thread about a week ago, but wasn’t sure that it was being used anymore.

You did a really terrific job of introducing yourself and your interests, and might be a great example for us to follow.

I actually joined very early on, but never responded to that thread.

If you look at my posts over the years since, you’ll see I stuck very closely to the cookware/knives threads (even made some of my own), but at Chowhound, I tried initially to include recipes and restaurant recommendations–even more general comments.

I’m really most deeply interested in food as a communication of culture, and see my experiences as a sort of awakening, as I’ve moved from backwoods America (the Upper Peninsula of Michigan) East–all the way to Ithaca, New York–then West to California and settling in SOCAL (but traveling both to Europe and many parts of Asia).

In our most recent timeframe, I’ve been looking for evidence of cultural fusion between Japanese and California cuisine that has made it all the way to the home kitchen I live in–as an enthusiastic hobbyist.

My specific way of doing this has been to review knives from Japan and China that can be repurposed in our modern world. I’ve been helped by “Dr. H,” who, as a recent immigrant from Japan, has his own fusion problems to consider: Japanese also have found needs to repurpose knives from their artisan heritage.

This time around, I promise to go beyond cookware posts–and hope that you might consider how you might be repurposing your own home cookware–and contribute to knife fusion culture threads I might post.



I am another Chowhound convert, formerly known there as Tim Irvine.


Nice to see you here Tim,
I really enjoy reading your posts and topic discussions.
Glad that you’ve revealed your true identity.
Welcome home.


E, wabi, Howzit?

Olohe Pukui said it best: I ku ka makemake e hele mai, hele no me ka malo’elo’e.




I enjoyed your comment and he most definitely said it best.

Hi, Olunia:

Do you have a copy of her 'Olelo No’eau? It’s a treasure and a treasury.


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Ku’ia kahele aka na’au ha’aha’a

One of my favourites.

Good rule for everyone, if it works all ways. Still, He 'onipa’a ka 'oiai’o


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Where did “Vecchiouomo” come from?


Good to see you here, Tim.


Great to see so many CHers arriving here but curious as to why many are taking on new names.

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It’s Old Man in Italian


Welcome! and thank you for your bio.
I waited to greet you because I felt that it was more appropriate for Kaleo to do so first.
Thank you for your return and warm welcoming.

I have a copy of it…I will have to dig it up.

I couldn’t quickly find the one about “…the pay, your voice”.

I would be interested in the answer to that myself.