Thanks for all your answers. Kind of confirms what I was afraid of though, that for whatever reason this isn’t a sandwich that’s done much outside of Philly.


Mason Sandwich Co, Eastchester, NY (Westchester County) about a 25 minute train ride on Metro North Crestwood Station, it’s an express stop … short cab ride or bracing walk, up hill

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Yeah, that’s the place.

And it’s in Mt Ephraim, not Haddonfield.

Di Nic’s Oven Roasted Beef
310 E Black Horse Pike, Mt Ephraim, NJ 08059
(856) 931-6328

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Speaking of the wiz…


I wonder how hickory smoked shoulder would do with the rabe and provolone? Obvisouly not traditional and it will throw the classic flavor off, but it could have potential. The owner at tst likes to experiment and I wonder if he would make a few of these up one day with a smoked shoulder.

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I’m thinking… awesome. I’m not a big fan of the rapa, so anything you could do to cover that up would be great.


I’m thinkin you smoke your shoulders and before you sauce them all up, take a half one, maybe a whole, and set it aside. Have some specials on your menu for a Sat or sunday. Pull one, pan fry it with some olive oil, sage, thyme, rosemary, salt and pep. There you have it, a smoked italian pork sandwich. Sounds good. A little water added and you can have some jus I bet. Hell better yet, add some chicharron on top of this for some crunch factor. I love to fry the skin! Holy cow, that is it. I’m making this soon. The CJ smoked italian pork sandwich. I now need to find the best aged provolone around here


Holy crap! I want those potatoes!


So I just tried a Vegas cheesesteak. Believe it or not, it was pretty decent. They used both wiz and a lot of thick sliced provolone. The provolone was just way too much and threw off the balance. I literally had to peel it off the top. The meat they got right and the cheese sauce was on point…as was the bread.

Sorry, I didn’t snap a pic. It was late and I was tired and dehydrated. I just forgot. 17 bucks for a cheese steak and 4 dollars for a fountain drink. Gotta love LV (I did 4 lemonades so that 4 bucks wasn’t too bad lol)

On a side note, are there any cheese steak food trucks in nj? I’ve never seen any. It seems like a good idea and you don’t have to go crazy with the menu. Keep it simple


Those 2 cheeses together seem completely wrong. But it is LV, so all bets are off. Or on. I can never remember which. :slight_smile:


Yeah it was definitely off. Had I known, I would have just had them load it up with cheese sauce and it would have been a pretty decent representation. The half pickle and bowl of slaw were not bad. You normally don’t get that around here with cheese steaks.

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I think we’ve all bin there and dun that.

cf. The epic tale of “Pierre the Lobster”



Ah yes, possibly the best food story I’ve ever read!

Going off on an LV tangent…

You should see how much weed is out there. There are dispensaries all over. The city hasn’t burned down or gone into chaos.

Old Phil is about to get this billed passed and it should be done in a month or two.

I’m going on a rant now… my town (Middletown) passed a law that says no dispensaries can exist. So likely most towns around me will rake in huge tax dollars. My town will continue to raise taxes year after year. Asbury will freaking rape the hell out of this and collect tons of money, yet my liberal hippy town can’t seem to find its way out of a paper bag.


Oceanport passed the same law.


I can see that. There isn’t too much real estate there. In Middletown we have TONS of empty stores. So anyone who wants to smoke will just drive to the next town over and come back to town. It’s not rocket science but these morons can’t figure this out.

Fwiw, I’m don’t smoke but I’m for helping the bottom line of my town. People will get it locally so why not jump on the band wagon? Taxes are terrible here, along with a lot of Monmouth County.

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For you sir, the extra special oregano…


Dis guyza cookina somethin up

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Amazing story. Would make a good scene in a movie!


CLAWS!! the movie.

NJR, alcohol sweating profusely, voice wavering:

Gulp… captain, we’re gonna need more clarified butter.


Greg do you realize this is Jr’s own actual story? Lol

Maybe the food legend will chime in :wink: