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Nope. @NotJrvedivici is too busy negoitiating the rights to the new herbal cuisine superstore and hometown buffet franchise for Ocean Co.


It’s about to get pretty herbal here very soon

Start growing your dreads now

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I have a nephew who is a grower in Cali and he hates the legalization of it, killed his margins with taxes and NO more private sales. The Gov is all over his growths and his production etc.

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I’d like to be captain of the frisbee golf team. I’ll even bring my rusted root cd

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Not much to chime in about, the story is 100% true and just one of many drunken blunders I have made in life! Still here to talk about it though!


Ok scratch philly from my must do list. Bourdain did make it look good but I doubt I would get anything as good as what he was served. Miss him!!


Man I have a really funny Frisbee golf story. Maybe I will tell it later lol.

Jr, I know a friend of a friend who was growing in CO for like a decade and he is basically out of business now. This dude travels with a SHOEBOX FULL OF MONEY in a backpack. That’s how much money he made. He’d drop several grand on a dinner and just pay for all of us. He always wore a backpack to carry the shoebox. I never understood why you need to have 5 figures on you at all times but that is how he rolled. Cool guy but kind of essentric.

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I’m just waiting for Phillip Morris and RJR to move in.


Everyone is going to try and get a piece of this action. The shitty part is this state will rake in millions of tax dollars and will you or I see any benefit in our lives? I doubt it.

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It’s an interesting conundrum.

The mob, which used to be prosecuted for illegal activities like rum running, prostitution, drugs and betting is getting out of those businesses and going legit.

And our government, which is run by idiots and is going broke, is getting into gambling and taxing the hell out of smokes, alcohol, and now weed to make ends meet.

Average cost of smokes is $6 a pack of which $1 is the federal excise, and $3 is state tax.

Sorta makes you wonder who the good guys are anymore.

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I think we need to start a frisbee golf and ultimate thread. I played on the Brandeis Whippets all through college.

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Intramural or Varsity?

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We lost to the Space Gorillas for the championship my freshman year, varsity all the way.

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Any relation to @NotJrvedivici 's drunken monkey with a grinder?



They’ve been preparing for this moment for a long time, since the 70’s, even a little before that.

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Yep. And with major company investment and tax dollars to finance enforcement, the days of the small grower are numbered.

It’ll be like moonshining. Quaint but largely unpractised.

We wil know it’s all over when this becomes Scorsese’s next mini series.


I wonder what the pharmaceutical industry is going to do? Obviously they are going to cash in too.

Did you know that migraine headaches now qualify for a medicinal license in nj? So you can tell your doctor you get migraines and get a card (if this new bill doesn’t go through I’m sure like 1 million people in NJ will suddenly have migraines lol)

I think it is like 500 for a card and insurance won’t cover it for headaches. I know a lady going through this now. She is in bad shape and claims weed helps her just function.


So who is coming over for shaved ribeye cheese steaks once this party gets started? Lol

I’m definitely going to cook one of these up for my friend that smokes once the bill passes.

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Nah - there will always be a market for ‘Artisinal Weed’. Craft Weed? Small Batch Weed? Micro-Grower Weed? Farm To Pipe Weed?