I love Scala’s. One of favorite pizza places in the area.


Yes it is definitely a good spot. I think rocafellers takes the gold medal when it comes to LB pizza though.


Half pomodoro rosso…too dry but decent

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Lunch Wit:

Leftover NJ strippers cut with some steakums plus Adams reserve sharp cheddar & onions on a toasted Portuguese sour dough roll.

I have to say that I think it is the meat juices soaking into the roll that are the key to a good cheese steak.


Ugh I can’t stand steakums. There are a lot better frozen alternatives. Try steak eze. They are ten times better than steakums.

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The last time I tried steakums they had this… awful rancid odor. Is that normal? I don’t remember them being that terrible.


I have no clue. I won’t even eat them. The last time I had any they were stuffed into some fat sandwich so it wasn’t that bad

There is another brand better than steak Eze but I forgot the name. those steak Eze are half decent.

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Well I combined the offending article with some leftover NY Strip steak sliced thinly and it made a decent sandwich. No rancid taste. Only thing they had at Foodtown yesterday.

They do generate a lot of juice, though.

The Philadelphia brand you can get at Acme is ok, but I kind of agree with both of you that none of the preprocessed frozen sandwich steaks are really “good”.

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Leftover Porterhouse, Cubanelle Peppers, Onion, Adams Reserve NY Extra Sharp Cheddar:


How about cheesesteak pizza? Has anyone had any good stuff lately? Much like a regular sandwich, I find most places can’t get this right at all.

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I’m pretty sure your guy at Tre Calore has one, but I haven’t tried it. Fratellis too.

Otherwise they are hard to find around here, unless you count Dominoes as pizza.


To go a little off topic where are the places in NJ or NYC that make what you all would consider a good Philly-style pork sandwich (like John’s Roast Pork)? I like them more than cheesesteaks.

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Last time I had it was at Giuseppe’s in Hazlet. Was not a fan. The slices of American cheese became kind of like paste atop the steak. And there was no onion. I didn’t think to ask for it. It sorely lacked without that little addition.

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There is a joint in the basement food court at the Borgata in AC. But if you’re going all the way there, you may as well just go to Philly.


Chickie & Pete’s does a decent roast pork (but not at John’s level, but who does?)


They do a half decent cheesesteak. They have the wiz too.

I haven’t tried the cheese steak pizza there. Ricky is the kitchen manager. He is from Mexico and is a really cool dude. If you get to know, him he will take care of you.

@ratgirlagogo I know of a good one around my area but I think you’re up north. I’m in central nj

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You know, I had no idea how easy it is to make cheese steaks at home until now. I’ve been doing a lot of “Mexican style” cheese steaks at home (just different kinds of salsa added to cheesesteak in a burrito form) and it’s so easy and delicious. How is Mexican cheese steak not a thing yet?

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There’s a couple of places in like Cherry Hill and Haddonfield that do this, but not anything further north that I’m aware of.

I’ve made them at home.

@corvette_johnny ?

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My only experience with Philly pork sandwiches was at Denics, and the most important thing I have to say is to not get the roast pork sandwich, and their italian style pulled pork is far, far better. Oh god the soft braised pork shoulder just nails it.


TOTALLY agree, @joonjoon !