Canned Tomatillos?

I love salsa verde… sometimes I’ll roast everything then blend. Other times I’ll boil just the tomatillos and blend with everything else fresh, and then pour into hot EVOO to cook for a few minutes.

Every time it comes out delicious, fresh, with a beautiful light shimmery texture. But I can’t always get fresh tomatillos, and when I can they can be pretty pricey up here.

This morning I saw this…

And thought “Hey canned tomatillos”! I use canned tomatoes for a good number of things with good results, so why not? Problem is her salsa came out looking like dull mud (look at it as she pours it over the filling).

So is this result due to using canned? Or something else (like maybe not peeling the charred skins)?

“Chile Verde/Green Chile Stew - Cooking Discussions / Cooking, Cookbooks, Ingredients - Hungry Onion” Chile Verde/Green Chile Stew

Did I miss it? Or is there indeed no mention of canned tomatillos in the post you linked to?

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Not a tomatillo sauce but quite good is the Hatch green enchilada sauce. If you make them stacked rather than dipped and rolled, this takes perhaps five minutes to assemble.

Canned tomatillos work great, but the canning process does turn them somewhat of a light army green color. So, you will definitely not get the vibrant color you might otherwise expect in your finished product. I did keep cans of them in pantry throughout the pandemic.

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Also, the canned ones are way salty, so check that in your prep.


LOL… oddly enough, the local Safeway does not list canned tomatillos online, and while I found the fresh ones pretty pricey, it seems that other online vendors for canned are even pricier.

Who knew?

Good point!

I’m with you. Too much salt. I thought I’d be reduced to canned only, thinking they wouldn’t grow where I live. One day, in early October, a former student of mine and I were talking food, and I was snivlin about my lack of tomates, She said “you need some?” Next day she arrives with about 15 pounds of them. Might grow some next year. My kid said she always has more than she would use.

+1 on the Hatch enchilada sauce, too. Just be sure to skin those things. No pepper skin quite as tough as Hatch chiles, and their many cousins.

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In my experience, canned tomatillos are better than no tomatillos, but just barely. I grown them in my garden then roast and purée then for freezing. Much more satisfactory.

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Ha! I was trying to use the :link: linky thingie and failed again.

Yeah, think I’ll can my own next year.

i threw two tomatillo plants in my garden with no idea how they’d do.

they are monsters!

I’m too lazy to can. I just freeze it in 2-cup screw-top ZipLock containers.