Calling dim sum makers

All, are the wrappers for rice noodles i.e. shrimp rice noodles i.e. cheung fun (?) available in groceries? Asian groceries? I keep googling and only get hits for recipes to make the rice wrapper, and I can’t do that w/o buying a bunch of equipment. Btw, it will be clear to some, but I’m not talking about the dried rice noodles that look like white pasta that we use in our thai stir fries and soups. Thanks!

No, they have to be made. You don’t need new equipment, but you do need the right flours (though there are many variations).

They are pretty tough, I tried them a while back. I’ll look for a link.

In other times, you you might be able to get away with using fresh cheung fun noodles sold in bulk in Chinatown (which really shouldn’t be stuffed after making, but if you’re not a purist it might work).

.Ok here and here are my experiments.


Yours look beautiful. I saw some of the recipes last night, and considered what it would take to make them at home. They called for a dish that would fit in a wok, but it looks like you put yours in a roasting pan, and I can totally do that. I think I will wait until it’s a little safer to linger in stores though. My little asian grocery is where I’m headed today, and I don’t feel comfortable walking around the whole place, looking for rice flour, tapioca, etc. I’d like to grab the things I need and get out. I might be a little paranoid, but that has been my approach to shopping in the last 6 wks. Get in, get out. Thanks for your response!

The flours and starches are usually in the same place, and there are some pre-mixed blends (vietnamese) but I didn’t like those.

You can order all the flours from various online sources too (bobs red mill makes them all thanks to gluten free uses).

And you can use any dishes or pans you have - if you look at videos, really anything with a slight rim can be used in any steamer setup. I used my biggest pan with a lid - bec it’s square- and small sheet pans, pyrex dishes, and finally just plates.

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