CABBAGE! Your favorite recipes?

Can do.

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Tradotionally MADE wth bowties & a bunch OF pepper, known as Hluski. I always make it with the leftover cabbage when I make stuffed cabbage.


I love haluski with kielbasa :heart:


I love love love cabbage. To me, it’s a miracle ingredient: cheap, nutrition powerhouse, versatile, AND tasty. I could never get tired of cabbage, as there are more recipes than days in the year.

Saregama, you have got many good ideas already, here are just two that are in regular rotation in my house. Both involve finely shredded cabbage, which, if you have a mandolin, is not at all difficult to achieve.

(1) Cabbage poriyal: a standard South Indian stir fry type side dish. There are multiple variations on the recipe, but here are two, one more simple and one more complex:

(I would add a pinch of hing to the tarka for this one. I use a whole sprig of curry leaves, stripped off the stem, and pinched in half to release more aroma).
More complex:

(I would add a little fresh grated ginger to this one along with the green chillies).

(2) Vietnamese-ish shredded cabbage and tofu salad. This is more suitable for summer. I never bother to seed the jalapeno, I just use the whole thing. Also, using pre-seasoned tofu, e.g. TJ Sriracha tofu, makes the recipe much easier by eliminating a whole tofu seasoning and frying step.

If you are stuck outside the paywall please let me know and I will get you some more information.

Here is a NY Times article with 3 cabbage suggestions: pasta, the Vietnamese salad suggested above, and soup.

Enjoy! And do say which recipes in this thread you have tried and how they worked for you?


Also snatched from another food forum, Cabbage braised with wonton. Looked spectacular!

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Thanks for this shortcut. Cabbage easily gets boring for me so it will be good to have an easy, flavorful preparation to try.


I ordered takeout from a Ukrainian church, which came with a red cabbage salad/slaw in a horseradish vinaigrette . Not as sweet as the Hungarian and Polish cabbage salads in vinaigrette. Nice change.


You’re welcome.
Do you like okonomiyaki? That’s another easy and delicious way to use up lots of cabbage.

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Never gave that any thought. I’ll have to check it out before the next community supported agriculture season (CSA) when ample cabbage comes our way. Appreciating your inspiration!


You get me! Love cabbage preparations with a punch of flavor. Otherwise I get bored.


Cabbage Noodles - "káposztás tészta " is a Hungarian standard. As it is in much of Eastern Europe.

It uses about 1-1.2 cups flat, egg noodles. Set them to boiling

Coarsely chop about a cup of cabbage leaves. While the noodles are boiling, sautée them in some oil and lard along with a teaspoon of sugar until the cabbage starts to go golden. Part way through, add some caraway seeds.

Combine the noodles and cabbage, and serve,

We just do this by eye. Google the Hungarian term for a recipe.


I really like this - it also works without the nuts.


Lahanopita, Greek cabbage pie in filo, is good.


I’m using cabbage in a ribollita. I’ve been looking at ribollita recipes all morning. I added some dried oregano, thyme and Rosemary to this batch.

With woodsy herbs like rosemary, oregano and thyme, or with soft herbs like parsley and dill:

With Bay leaf and no other herbs mentioned:

With fennel seeds


The ubiquitous sidedish for papusas
Screen Shot 2022-03-23 at 11.38.08 AM


At the risk of alienating fellow migrant Hounders, who may well be tired of my odes to cabbage, here are a few of my favorites (apologies in advance for any paywalls).

Some stir-fry:

NYT’s Longevity Noodles.

Budget Bytes beef and cabbage stirfry (but you can use any or no meat).

Washington Post egg foo yong (cabbage instead of choy sum).

Epicurious better than takeout noodles.

Some soup:

Simply Recipes Italian sausage and cabbage soup.

Georgian borsch.


I make the Better Than Takeout Noodles a lot, usually a mushroom version, without the cabbage. Good recipe!

I make Borscht a lot, and just finished Day 4 of the one batch. I’ll try the Georgian version another time! I love Georgian recipes.


I’m pretty sure I got that Better Than Takeout noodle recipe from one of your posts on CH. It’s a staple, now, at our house - thanks!

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