Burns Night

I’m not a purist about such things and while the construction is part of it (so all things soak together) I say there’s no harm ever in adjusting for friends to make a dish you’d like.

That said, there’s so few ingredients to a dish of raspberries, cream, whiskey, oats, and sweetener that leaving even two ingredients out kind of makes it a different thing.

But although Scottish by virtue of citizenship and current home, I’d be hesitant to monitor what anyone wishes to do.

Stovies are more “mild” than haggis, neeps, and tatties (which my spellcheck just wanted to change to ‘fatties’ to which I say, ‘shut up, spellcheck!’)
Tbh I’m quite lazy and just keep ready versions in my freezer for heating when I am knackered and want something easy and comforting. I think of it as stoemp with meat-- as I betray my Belgian origins…


yum, thank you. lamb is really delicious and would be special. I’m reminded we did british-style sausage rolls before with the puff pastry as one of the apps…what do you think about a scottish lamb version of that?

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Sausage rolls are one of my comfort foods. They are usually pork but I think lamb would work well and be in keeping with the theme.

Here’s a recipe for them from Edd Kimber (first winner of the Great British Bake Off)

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Thanks @Harters - those look so good. It’s the same with me, i love those things. We americans have our own twists too…these go well with football or as you say american football, and are a staple at bar mitzvahs and occasions like that.


This friend would probably prefer a serving of raspberries and whipped cream, washing it down with a few wee drams.

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I’ll be celebrating Burns Night in Madrid again this year. I’ll try to repeat my success in getting a decent sized haggis through airport security last year (the x-ray operators luckily thought it highly amusing). Not so sure if my office colleagues are looking forward to it much though!


I’d choose Haggis over Spanish morcilla any day.

A nice Scottish pub with good food in Toronto is hosting a Burns Night, their 26th annual Burns Night. https://thecaledonian.ca/

Nice we pushed ours out til the first sat in feb this year, but it’s happening!

Here’s the invite I received, sorta funny and also informative, things redacted to protect the innocent

After a two-year gap, I am once again hosting a Robert Burns Night at my place (XXX), and you (plus one) are invited to attend on Saturday, February 4, starting at 7 pm.

Those of you who attended previously already know what you’re in for. As for the rest of you, or those who just plain forgot, you probably have a few questions, like:

What on Earth is a Robert Burns Night? It’s an evening of food, drink, and recitals and toasts in honor of Scotland’s national poet, Robert Burns.

Never heard of him. No problem. You’ll be sick of him by the end of the night.

And you’re doing this because…? Well, it worked alright the last six times. Mainly it’s an excuse to drink whisky, eat haggis, and pretend that it’s all high-minded and literary and shit.

You actually want to eat haggis? It’s pretty tasty, so yes. Find out why Burns, in his Address to a Haggis, called it the “great cheftain o’ the pudding race.” Vegetarian haggis is available, too, and there are various other traditional dishes.

He wrote a poem about haggis? I’m sorry, what part of “Scotland’s national poet” was lost on you? Yes, Burns wrote a poem dedicated to haggis, and you’ll be hearing it before we slice open the main course.

What else will I be hearing? That’s partly up to you – a Burns Supper is a participatory affair. Give us a verse, a song, a toast, a spicy limerick, a bon mot, whatever. Doesn’t have to be by Burns or Scotland-related. But if you are so inclined, Burns’ stuff is all public domain and easy to find.

Wait, I have to say something? Yes. We need people who can get into the spirit of the thing (as well as just the spirits). This doesn’t work if half the attendees insist they’re too shy to participate. You don’t have to have it memorized or anything. Surely, after the requisite amount of whisky (or other adult beverages), you can recite a couple of lines off your phone or a index card clutched in your sweaty palm, then flop back in your chair with the satisfaction of a job done.

This doesn’t sound like it’s going to be a kid-friendly event. Fuck no it isn’t.

This doesn’t sound like it’s going to be a woman-friendly event. Fuck yes it is. Even traditional Burns Suppers are co-ed, with a special Toast to the Lassies – and who can top “Robbie” Mason’s inaugural version – and the Lasses’ Reply. I mean, it helps to be the whisky-drinkin’, haggis-eatin’ kind of lass, but that goes for the guys, too.

Do I need to wear a kilt? No, but it would be totally awesome if you did. Wear what you like – it’s not a formal affair by any stretch, but on the other hand if you want to show off some style this would be an excellent time to do it.

I’m in! What should I bring? Nothing; just confirm that you’re in. Also, when you decide what you’ll be reciting (no rush on that part), drop me a line so I can avoid duplication.

I’m a maybe! Is that ok? Eh, not really. I need a firm RSVP by January 25. Sooner is better. This event is always a little tricky to pull off: I have to round up enough tables and chairs to seat a whole bunch of people at my place, plan the menu, etc., so I really need an accurate head count well ahead of the day itself.

I know someone else who would totally love this – can I invite them, too? Unfortunately, I’m kind of near capacity of how many people I can fit into my modest dwelling, so I can’t make any promises. But let me know and I’ll keep them in mind if there are still seats open.


That’s awesome.

I have only attended one Burns’ Night, in a pub, with dancing and poetry. I’ve made Scottish food on Burns Night for the past 3 years , and will do a Burns Week of Scottish home cooking this year. Well, maybe 3 days of Burns Celebrations.

I really miss travelling. LOL.


im gonna bring sausage rolls with lamb sausage for a scottish twist. some tj puff pastry and lamb sausage ez peazy.


I might make this

And Cranachan.

Nice. We like to have the “presentation haggis” and the neeps and tatties separate for show but ends up in the face together! sounds good for a smaller get together. Cranachan always present. Also sticky toffee pudding with whiskey sauce.

Surely “whisky”?


try nitpicking burns’ spelling if you want a real challenge (noted that scotland calls for no e and there will be no bourbon in the whisky sauce)

What ails ye now, ye lousie bitch,
To thresh my back at sic a pitch?
Losh man! hae mercy wi’ your natch,
Your bodkin’s bauld,
I did na suffer ha’f sae much
Frae Daddie Auld.

What tho’ at times when I grow crouse,
I gi’e their wames a random pouse,
Is that enough for you to souse
Your servant sae?
Gae mind your seam, ye prick the louse,
An’ jag the flae.

King David o’ poetic brief,
Wrocht ‘mang the lasses sic mischief
As fill’d his after life wi’ grief,
An’ bloody rants ,
An’ yet he’s rank’d amang the chief
O’ lang syne saunts .

And maybe, Tam, for a’ my cants,
My wicked rhymes, an’ drucken rants,
I’ll gie auld cloven Clooty’s haunts
An unco slip yet,
An’ snugly sit amang the saunts
At Davie’s hip yet.

But, fegs, the Session says I maun
Gae fa’ upo’ anither plan,
Than garren lasses cowp the cran
Clean heels owre body ,
An’ sairly thole their mither’s ban
Afore the howdy.

This leads me on to tell for sport,
How I did wi’ the Session sort—
Auld Clinkum at the inner port
Cry’d three times, ‘Robin!’
‘Come hither lad, an’ answer for’t,
‘Ye’re blam’d for jobbin’.’

Wi’ pinch I put a Sunday’s face on,
An’ snoov’d awa before the Session—
I made an open fair confession;
I scorn’t to lie;
An’ syne Mess John, beyond expression,
Fell foul o’ me.

A furnicator lown he call’d me,
An’ said my fau’t frae bliss expell’d me;
I own’d the tale was true he tell’d me,
‘But what the matter,’
Quo’ I, ‘I fear unless ye geld me,
‘I’ll ne’er be better!’

‘Geld you!’ quo’ he, ‘an’ whatfore no,
If that your right hand, leg or toe,
Should ever prove your sp’ritual foe,
‘You shou’d remember
‘To cut it aff, an’ whatfore no,
‘Your dearest member.’

‘Na , na,’ quo’ I, ‘I’m no for that,
‘Gelding’s nae better than 'tis ca’t,
‘I’d rather suffer for my faut,
‘A hearty flewit,
‘As sair owre hip as ye can draw ‘t!
‘Tho’ I should rue it.

‘Or, gin ye like to end the bother,
‘To please us a’ – I’ve just ae ither,
‘When next wi’ yon lass I forgather,
‘Whate’er betide it,
‘I’ll frankly gie her ‘t a’ thegither,
‘An’ let her guide it.’

But, Sir, this pleas’d them warst ava,
An’ therefore, Tam, when that I saw,
I said ‘Gude night,’ and cam’ awa’,
An’ left the Session;
I saw they were resolved a’
On my oppression.


Uisce Beatha sauce, err I mean, Uisge Beatha sauce.

A bit wordy perhaps, but par for the course in an invitation to a semi-literary booze fest.

Sadly, our resident Burns Night host is on sabbatical in Vienna, and nobody’s picking up the slack this year.


Wee, sleekit, cow’rin, tim’rous beastie,
O, what a panic’s in thy breastie!
Thou need na start awa sae hasty,
Wi’ bickering brattle!
I wad be laith to rin an’ chase thee,
Wi’ murd’ring pattle!

what are your favorites?

(that’s from to a mouse)


Happy Rabbie Burns Day!!

I’m making an offal-free haggis tonight


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