Burns Night

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@RobinJoy , you might like the thread above.

I am adding your thread here, so the threads link.

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Thank you. I should have searched for the existing thread!

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We had a snow day in southwestern Ontario. My mock haggis (ground turkey, chicken liver, goose heart, goose gizzard and goose liver) was served with perogies. :joy:


Nice work !

Funny how the flavor of haggis is so mild and nice compared to its reputation. Yours looks a good balance. The pinkness in the pierogies what is that?


These Farm Boy perogies have a fair amount of orange cheddar cheese added, relative to most brands.

Did you attend that party?

On Monday I sneaked a haggis past the airport Orcs on arrival here in Madrid from the UK, but I’m struggling to find swede (rutabaga) for tonight’s supper. I’m probably going with turnip & carrot mashed together, but maybe mashed butternut squash or sweet potato would be better? I know it’s a long shot, but has anyone any experience with fake swede please?

Mashed carrot & swede regularly appears in this house and I’m sure using turnip instead of swede would be fine.


Address to a Vegetarian Haggis – Brian Bilston

How warm you make me feel inside
Great chieftain of the veggie tribe
True bearer of the nation’s pride
Beans, nuts and oats
In Forfar, Wigtown, East Kilbride
And John O’Groats

Abhor the boorish carnivore
Who fills his plate with meaty gore
You give me spice and seeds galore
Not bloodstained guilt
Upon you, mushroom gravy pour
Mindful of my kilt

No liver heart or lung of sheep
To haunt me when I go to sleep
And should I fancy with my neeps
Something foreign
There’s some hoisin sauce that I keep
In my sporran

O braw and tidy recipe
Vegan-friendly and gluten free
Unslaughtered is the poor beastie
Thus removing what the snag is
Join me – please raise your cutlery
To veggie haggis.


It’s a blizzard where I live so we will have previously frozen squash mixed with potato.

It’ll be sweeter, without the bite of turnips or Swede (rutabaga in Canada, often mistakenly labeled turnip), but that’s okay.

We r celebrating Feb 4.

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For some reason I thought Burn’s Night was Friday, so I had nothing appropriate for dinner. The best I can do is toast Rabbie with a wee dram, and that is with bourbon as I cannae do scotch. Sláinte


My Haggis Toastie on the left, grilled cheese on the right.


Haggis toastie sounds great.

BBC claiming it to be a “London street food classic” is utter, complete bollocks. I doubt it’s even a Scottish street food classic.

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Yep, it got the knickers in a twist. I think it was click bait for the papers.

That same East London restaurant, Deeney’s, that provided the toastie recipe is the restaurant in this article.

Honestly, I prefer to see Twitter enraged over Haggis Toasties, instead of being enraged about vaccines and masks!


Maybe it’s the fact it’s exactly what someone in London would do and sell that makes it a “London Street Food Classic”-- Shoreditch Style.

Not something I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen haggis incorporated in Thai, South Asian,. and Turkish/chippy restaurants though.

ETA: I was typing this when @Phoenikia Phoenikia posted. I’m laughing now.

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Too late, I know. But here’s where I could have been dining on haggis in my neck of the woods. I didnt but I could have.


A big fan of haggis with a cooked breakfast. I know you’ll consider this sacrilege H. But given the choice I’d have it over black pudding . But the FIL who introduced me to it, is of the view that there should be both.

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I do. And do you not have northwestern genes?

But I am with the FiL about having both. There was one memorable (and epic) brekkie in Inverness where there was haggis and black pudding. As well as all the usuals. Restraint has no place in the cooked brekkie, IMO.


With a cooked breakfast making its way into Scottish territory: what say you about Lorne sausage?

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