BRITISH - Fall 2020 (Oct-Dec) Cuisine of the Quarter

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Quite lovely for Brunch !! With a glass of sparkling white wine or Champagne !!!

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Thanks @Harters - your recipe intrigues me and is on my list to make!

From Wales, Glamorgan sausages Leek and Caerphilly cheese “sausages”.


I love British cooking and baking. I seek out the regional British baked goods whenever I visit the UK.

The main British dishes I make are Yorkshire pudding and cauliflower cheese. At Xmas, we are gifted a plum pudding, which we enjoy with hard sauce.

I did make a chicken tikka masala from a spice kit last week

I recently made a Cumberland sauce.

I have a couple British cookbooks, and I’ll try to report when I make some traditional or modern British food this fall.

One English dish some of you may not be familiar with is Omelette Arnold Bennett.


Knickerbocker Glory


Beans on toast, with ketchup, beer, and Henderson’s Relish, a condiment from Sheffield.


So perfect .

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The best cottage pie I’ve ever made. I’ve made several times Haché Parmentier, the French equivalent of the British mince pie. This time I roasted a beef chuck just to make the pie! Browned the meat with oil in a cast iron pot, reserved. Cooked the chopped onion, shallot, garlic until soft, eventually added some beef broth and put the beef back to the pot and sprinkled a spoonful of smoked paprika on it. Cooked with a cover for at least 2 hour with moderate heat, simmer with no escape vapour. The meat was great without further cooking. All the goodies: melted soft onion, carrot and meat juice reduction was delicious. I use this recipe.

As for the pie, I use this BBC recipe, I added some chopped smoked bacon. Torn up the beef chuck, cooked with diced carrot, onion, garlic, thyme, bay leaves, white wine, more beef stock, Worcestershire sauce, tomato puree… I used the remaining premium cheddar I had in the mash.


Looks wonderful …

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Mum always made her cottage/shepherds pie using meat leftover from the Sunday roast.


Of course. Like when dh said he would make dinner early on in our marriage. Scalloped potatoes and ham, an after holiday standby for leftover ham. But having no ham and having his heart set on this dish, he went to the butcher and blew a week’s food budget on a thick center cut ham steak. Oooooookay.


Haddock and scallop fish pie tonight. I used gruyere in the mashed potato topping.

Inspired by Felicity Cloake’s recipe the Hairy Bikers’ recipe.

The first English fish pie I tried was the one Harters recommended at J Sheekey in London, over 10 years ago.

I had a toasted crumpet with butter and lemon curd for breakfast this morning. :slight_smile: Not quite cooking, but a little British.


Have any of you made Stargazy Pie?

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