Betty Crocker's International Cookbooks

The discussion on Raghavan Iyer led me to investigate how many International cookbooks had appeared under the Betty Crocker brand. This is what I found:

Betty Crocker’s International Cookbook, 1980, “Betty Crocker”
Betty Crocker’s New International Cookbook, 1994, “Betty Crocker”

Betty Crocker’s Chinese Cookbook, 1981, Leeann Chin
Betty Crocker’s New Chinese Cookbook, 1990, Leeann Chin

Betty Crocker’s Mexican Cookbook, 1981, Jose Leopoldo Romero
Betty Crocker’s Mexican Made Easy, 1993, “Betty Crocker Editors”

Betty Crocker’s Italian Cooking, 1991, Antonio Cecconi
Betty Crocker’s New Italian Cooking, 1995, Antonio Cecconi

Betty Crocker’s Indian Home Cooking, 2001, Raghavan Iyer

I just got a copy of the Iyer book and I’ll comment on it on that thread, but does anybody have any of the others? What are they like?

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I have the Betty Crocker New International Cookbook. I’ve made a few things out of it, and the recipes work out well, with accessible ingredients you could find at any supermarket. It’s very basic, but does offer a recipe or two from many cuisines. Would probably be good for a beginning cook, or someone just starting to try cooking foods unfamiliar to them, or maybe something they’ve tried elsewhere.

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