Best Georgian cooking sites?

Just watched a Fung Bros Georgian food crawl and am drooling over Georgian food. I’ve never had it but obviously I need to make some! Any recommendations for blogs, etc. that would be helpful? Thanks.


I have enjoyed recipes posted on some Russian blogger sites (Georgian food is very popular in Russia and with Russian immigrants), and one Russian site in English that has a lot of recipes.
There have also been khachapuri recipes on Serious Eats, in Saveur and in Bon Appetit.

I haven’t used a Georgian blog as of yet. I’ll add some links for recipes and threads.

So far, I’ve made kharcho, kachapuri, khinkali, spreads, lobio.

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Some Chechen noodles from a Muslim region in Georgia

Not sites but books — a few years ago, Supra and Kachka were COTM on Chowhound. Kaukasis is another book that got a lot of buzz

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