Kharcho recipe

Does anyone have a Kharcho recipe they recommend? TIA

My Russian side of the family would approve.


I never heard of karcho soup despite having a long line of Russian family members - though to be honest they weren’t always Russian, those borders changed often. It sounds good though and I have some dill to use up. Now to see if I have any stew beef…


My family would serve this with crusty pumpernickel rye and it’s the perfect bread for dunking in the gravy.

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Thank you, Rooster!

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My pleasure, enjoy.

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Made a sort of bastardized Kharcho- a veggie one as well as a veal kharcho. This allows some of us to have more or less vegetables/meat.

I live in a midsized city in Canada without a source for tkemali sour plums, so I used dried apricots, prunes and vinegar as the substitute tonight.

I had read online that cranberries were another tart substitute, and I’ve used sour cherries in the past as a substitute.

I will have to seek out some tkemali next time I’m in NYC or at a Russian store north of Toronto (more likely to visit NYC - I rarely get to the Russian grocery store in the burbs north of Toronto).

I’ve been meaning to return to Brighton Beach. Hopefully I can do that when it is safe to travel again.

I used some Georgian spice blend khmeli suneli that I purchased at Kalustyan’s in NYC in 2015. Also added some more fresh dill and parsley, as well as ground fenugreek, ground coriander and fenugreek leaves.

DIY Khmeli Suneli

How cool is that! I often riff on a recipe. Were you happy with the taste?

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Yes! This is the 3rd Kharcho I’ve made. So many variations out there!

Found another khmeli suneli recipe. I will make my own once I finish my packet from Kalustyan’s.

I have found some vegan and vegetarian kharcho recipes, too.

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Thanks, I appreciate the links!

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Some of these recipes look good.

This is a favorite of mine.

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Agree, it’s delicious! I’ve only ordered it at restaurants. I’ve only had around 12 restaurant meals since March 14,2020, and takeout lahmacun and pide (in June 2020) was one of them!


Me too!

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