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JL Jupiter weighs in.
From Philadelphia/South NJ.


That article prompted me to try Stubb’s Smokey Mesquite. That’s one I’ve avoided because I’m not a big fan of mesquite smoke flavor, and I figured they’d overdo it with that. I was pleasantly surprised. It’s pretty nice sauce-- not too smokey, not too sweet, just a slight tingle of heat. Maybe a little too tomato-y, but that’s a nitpick. I haven’t had many Stubb’s sauces, just Original, Spicy, Sweet Heat, and now Smokey Mesquite. I think this one is my favorite of the Stubb’s sauces I’ve tried.

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I do want to try Bob Gibson’s some day; I’d forgotten about that.

I bring leftover sauce home from the joint (or get the whole order to go, sauce on the side) and seldom buy jarred sauce. I picked up a Stubb’s variety some years ago, just out of curiosity. Haven’t opened it yet.

Pulled pork is the meat I’m most likely to use sauce on. A few years ago I did a comparison of the ‘Carolina style’ sauces I could find locally which came to three:; TJ’s, Aldi, HEB. Didn’t even think to look at Kroger, Randall’s/Safeway to see what they had! I decided I liked HEB’s best but have no idea how it compares to the “real” thing.

ETA: the Stubb’s variety I have is Original.

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Post oak is standard in Texas. Using anything else (except pecans in a few eastern outposts) is blasphemy.

Interesting :thinking:

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Hey! Put that back!!! :rage:


This is what I use for low and slow smoking on the Weber. The “Fuse” method It usually hold right at 260-290 if you build your fuse carefully.

I think Sasha is looking for a way to maintain 220F… holding the lower temp appears to be the challenge on the Weber.

I cheat by using a pit viper.

Granted the Fuse Method will not be at 220.

I cook on a weber directly over the coals and control the temperature by adjusting air flow and adding smoke (more hickory), as here at 1:33 after a 9:00 start. The temperature varies, but a little practice and you can keep it within the proper range. I personally think a constant 220 is low in terms of forming a great bark, but that’s just me.


As I read the post, Sasha is smoking salmon and looking for help to maintain her Weber at 220F.

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Blush. I saw pork butt and lost my head.


:joy: No need blush. Pork butt is awesome.

That is all true, although I just saw these posts. My device/doo-hickey does really well with a protein that takes all day. Less so with a protein that takes an hour. Adjusting to get the right-COOL- temp is the hardest part. If I cook my salmon side at 280, it will be done in 35 minutes and no smoke will have gotten in.


I never mastered controlling temps on a Weber. That’s no knock against Webers but on me.

Like you I try to smoke salmon (actually I prefer trout) at 220 until done which is about an hour.

How do you prepare your salmon? I cake on salt for about an hour then rinse and brush on a little maple syrup then to the grill. I’m not a huge seafood lover but this is really tasty plain or with crackers.

I tend to follow this recipe/method


Thanks. is well amazing.

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