Are there any ingredients that completely ruin a dish for you?


Interesting the hate of raisins and mayo. All the makings of a Waldorf salad. Me, I could eat a bowl of raisins coated in dukes mayo

(For the Horde!) #102

I eat most mayo, and worse… I used to put mayo on anything. Other people put ketchup on burgers. I put mayo. Recently, I tried to put mayo on pizza too… One time I ran out of creamy pasta sauce… yes, you guess it, I put mayo into my pasta.

(Kathy S. ) #103

I used to say a turkey sandwich was a mayo delivery system.

(erica) #104

I forgot citron. Poorly-disguised bitterness! If it’s stollen or fruitcake you know it may be lurking and can pick it out. I once brought home an apricot almond tarte from TJ’s. A favorite combination so I sliced it with eager anticipation, only to take a first, and only, bite, that was overwhelmingly citron. It was throughout, and too finely chopped to remove. While I normally don’t return non-spoilt items just because they’re not to my taste, this time I did. Yes, citron was on the ingredient list but it’s not something you’d expect to find in such a tarte. No indication on the front label, either. It’s comparable to finding peppermint in an omelet, unmentioned on the menu.

(Andrea) #105

With you on the unexpected flavor - I bought a bag of Ritz crisps sea salt flavor expecting a plain, salty cracker. I kept tasting onion, finally checked the ingredients and yes there was onion powder! I would not expect plain salted potato chips or tortilla chips to have onion. And I don’t think plain regular Ritz have onion. Weird.


Truffle salt. Argh. And so many “nicer” places are sneaking it onto fries without mentioning it until the ghastly stuff arrives. Poor little unsuspecting spuds…

Bitter melon. Cannot eat this, nohow. And I’ve tried many times. Triggers my fight or flight response every time.


Raisins- just gross
Cilantro - tastes like soap to me
Tomato - i can handle tomato sauce and ketchup, but not chunks of tomato

(For the Horde!) #108

Ha ha ha. Just the opposite. I love fresh tomatoes. I don’t hate tomato sauce and ketchup, but not in lov with them.

(Gwenn) #109

I love mayo. I put it and ketchup on my burgers. I love russian dressing and always have a batch in the fridge. Recently I tried Heinz mayo and its very good. Much creamier than Hellmans.

(For the Horde!) #110

I am a little surprised that mayonnaise out sold ketchup for decades (assuming I read correctly). Considering that ketchup is used in hamburgers, hot dogs, French fries…etc, mayonnaise must be used where not so obvious. In addition, so many people openly opposite mayo, but not nearly as many people openly against ketchup. There must be a lot of silent admirer for mayo. :zipper_mouth_face:

I read about Heinz wants to challenge Hellman’s market share and getting a little market share. Good to know it has a good product.

(Gwenn) #111

The reverse is not so good. Hellman’s has a new ketchup. They had bottles for free at my neighborhood market. It’s not so good… a bit watery.


I am openly against ketchup. Ghastly. It is tolerable as an ingredient in a handful of dishes (or other condiments, like BBQ sauce), but absolutely NEVER as a condiment. Seeing people eat it on fries makes me shudder.

Mayonnaise, on the other hand…food of the gods. And I’m an Xennial, too!


Arugula. Tastes like the foul-smelling odorant added to natural gas.


My ketchup feelings too.


I think this is because mayonnaise is used more frequently as an ingredient than ketchup. Plus ketchup has lost some traction due to sriracha.

(For the Horde!) #116

I think so. I remember seeing restaurant unloading large containers of mayo. Thanks.

(Dave Skolnick) #117

There is surely a thread on this subject. No one older than the age of 8 years should put ketchup on hot dogs.

(For the Horde!) #118

Yes, mustard, right? The New York way? There are several articles on this though. Some would say… it depends which part of the country you are from. If you are from NY, definitely, mustard over ketchup.



(saregama) #119

Cucumber. Yuck. Pollutes everything it touches thanks to copious seepage!

Banana - I can eat the fruit, but I can’t stand it in anything else. If someone is eating a ripe banana in close proximity while I’m eating something else, the smell permeates my tastebuds so whatever I’m eating tastes like banana. Yuck yuck yuck!

Didn’t realize dill had such an ardent negative following… count me in :slight_smile:

(ChristinaM) #120

Rules and especially categorical “oughts” about food are made to be broken!

Not particular to hot dogs, but this thread generally: I am surprised so many foodies are (evidently) what some might term “picky”!