Are there any ingredients that completely ruin a dish for you?

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lol, I hear ya.

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Did you ever have it fried in oil, no water at all, and just lightly pared, not cut open?

(Greg Caggiano) #84

Green Bell Peppers
Unnecessary uses of parsley, oregano, various herbs, etc.

I actually put an article up on my blog a couple of years ago titled, “Stop Putting Green Stuff on My Food”. Prompted when I ordered a cheesesteak and it was covered in oregano.


I feel vindicated knowing I have many dill haters out there standing with me. Vile, vile stuff. The other flavor is licorice. I can tolerate some licorice flavor when it is blended in (read: masked) with other spices so there is no pure licorice taste. Otherwise, please leave your anise, fennel seeds, and other disgusting licorice flavored herbs, candies and teas at home. blech

(Dave Skolnick) #86

Yes. sigh I fully respect those who like the vile vegetable but for me the mouth feel is completely offputting. Simply not okay. There are other foods I don’t care for. Okra is in a category all by itself. Ugh.

If you like it, as I infer, you may have my share. Forever.


Heavens! I am not trying to convert you. It’s just that a number of people who dislike the sliminess of okra are pleasantly surprised when they can have it crisp.

(erica) #88

I have always loathed anything licoricy. But after disliking dill for six decades, somehow I started to like it beginning a few years ago. Creamy dill is now my favorite salad dressing.

I don’t care for dark raisins but adore goldens, aka sultanas. Parallels my aversion to most red wine and my partiality to white. You might think it has to do with flavor strength, but I like ale and dark beers rather than lager.


Celery. Cooked celery, raw celery, celery salt, celery seed. Anything Celery! Ugh!


Olives. All colors, shapes, and varieties. I want so much to like them but something about the flavor just makes my skin crawl.


I will gladly take any and all excess olives off your hands :heart_eyes:


You can have them! :slight_smile:


I am in on the raisins…especially when my step mother put them in holiday kugel and you bite into a hot raisin…they just don’t belong there…they only belong in little boxes for children’s snacks…

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Lol, lunchbox snacks…thats so Americana. Not if you don’t like raisins. I wonder how many of thise boxes were traded or tossed.

Clearly, we can dislike any food…it appears raisins is more commin than I even realized.


As a child I did eat raisins from the box, along with other dried fruits, such as apricots, plums, peaches, etc. I just do not like them cooked in my food. As for me…my mother rarely made me lunch to take to school, so I bought my lunch at school…and as I can remember they did not sell raisins!!!

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Yeah, I packed my own lunch. I enjoy quite a few fruits and veg dry just not raisins. Not sure why I dislike them and enjoy other choices. Such is life.

Keeps things interesting. I think one of my earlier posts illustrated my odd texture issues with certain dishes but overall Im a good sport about food and that of other people.

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Last one, head cheese. Ive had my share of jellied foods, head cheese texture just displeases me😉


Again, I’m not trying to convert anyone! But there used to be a restauranteuse (is that a word?) here in Zurich, Rosa Tschudi, and her head cheese was divine. None of the others I tasted could hold a candle to hers.

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Thats fair. I havent been that fortunate.


Well, I lied again. Now that I think of it, Rosa Tschudi’s famous dish was Kalbskopf. Veal head cheese. But if she had done pork head cheese, I’m sure it would have been divine!!!