Are there any ingredients that completely ruin a dish for you?

(Dan) #61

Buy beer. I never turn down an invite that leads to great conversations. I can be polite and fussy at the same time👍


Raisins. Orange in anything other than a glass, with or without alcohol.

(kg) #63

Another vote for raisins. And mayonnaise :nauseated_face: (at least I can eat around/pick out raisins).

(Gwenn) #64

Raisins. Me too! Especially the white ones that hide in the danish!


Miracle Whip in any form.

Canned peas. This was the default vegetable in my home growing up. They are simply vile. And taste even worse at 7 am after being left from the previous nights dinner (my father was not a reader of Dr. Spock). This has bled over to fresh peas. I’ll never seek them out. I’ll deal with a small quantity if I must. Interestingly I’ve liked British style mushy peas the dozen or so times I’ve had them.


Add me ro the anti- raisin club. It’s a horrible thing to do to a perfectly good grape.

(Dan) #67

Bingo. I enjoy all sorts of fresh grapes and wine, and even grape jelly from time to time…even chocolate covered I can’t do…dont get me started on yogurt covered…crazy talk.

I like other dried fruit…just not raisins.

(Dan) #68

I have never tried Miracle Whip because everyone who knows me talked me out of it.


Ginger. Lamb.


I’m going to say any vegetable from a can with the exception of corn and beets is a big fat NO from me. Including the fancy expensive european tinned white asparagus that i foolishly tried once thinking it must be revelatory if it is so popular. Umm, no.
I won’t refuse to eat mooshy peas but i also won’t go out of my way to eat them again.


This is funny. We have a friend, a wine expert, who refuses to eat most fruits and vegetables. The exception is canned or bottled asparagus. I wouldn’t touch the stuff myself, and I much prefer the green to the white.


Is he european? Maybe it’s one of those foods that you aquire a taste for very young…


No, he’s Israeli.

(Natascha) #74

Canned white asparagus is a crime against a perfectly wonderful vegetable.


But criminality endures.


Anything super bitter


Rose water!

(For the Horde!) #78

Never tried it. My opposite is not about the taste.

(ChristinaM) #79

Same! I eat around honeydew and am allergic to persimmon, but even the former I keep trying (and keep disliking).

(ChristinaM) #80

Seriously!? Live a little