Are there any ingredients that completely ruin a dish for you?

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Alas we are utterly incompatible. Snif, snif! I worship alliums.


Yes, that I can understand! Lucky for me, most of the things I dislike are major enough players that they are typically disclosed on menus/labels, but I would be pretty annoyed if I bought something fairly standard, like salad dressing, and found something majorly weird in it. Dill wouldn’t bother me but star anise sure would ;).


I learned that apparently dill can be included in “spices,” gotta love those FDA labeling laws :slight_smile:


I’m with you. I can’t stand all these green salads with fruit. Or grilled fruit with meat. Or fruit sauces on meat. Ugh!


Lavender. Love it in the bathtub but not in my food. Mushrooms (I know, it’s so unfoodie of me). Fresh basil. Dried is ok but fresh just permeates everything. Yuk.

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Love for everything. As long as it’s part of the dish.

Except, I love rye bread, hate the taste of caraway seed. Probably the only spice I dislike. Seedless rye has ground caraway in it most of the time. I lost my source of rye bread without caraway seeds or dust/powder. So I don’t eat rye bread anymore.

Balsamic glaze has never been anything but a poor and ill conceived drizzle of horribleness…

Balsamic salad dressing is a no-go.

Sugar in savory foods. No. Just. No. There are many traditional and classic dishes that have a balance of sweet and sour and bitter, etc… and have NO sugar added. There are many ways to add sweetness without the lame shortcut of sugar. A real chef knows this.

“Fresh mozzarella” here in the US is too often a very, very bad and bland blob of horribleness that is also sometimes semi-melted over some poorly made food-like substance.

Anything “over-orchestrated”, and anything that’s paired or topped on something that it doesn’t belong.

Toppings to make some say, “WOW”, but forget to season the food.

Ingredients that are missing are worse than an ingredient one may not like:

Lack of Salt.

Lack of seasoning.

Lack of requisite herbs and spices.

Lack of taste.

Lack of flavour.

Lack of culinary skill.

Lack of culinary technique.

I don’t touch salt shakers.



I’m not too picky, like most things some of you have aversions to but lack of salt and other seasonings is a biggy for me. Adding it after the fact Just doesn’t work

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dog meat

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Cumin absolutely used to ruin a dish for me, and still does if used to excess. But now I find adding a bit to things is a nice flavor. Too much and it tastes like smelly feet!!!




Bell Pepper. I will eat almost anything else in the world save dogs, and eat all other peppers and chiles, but I find the taste of bell peppers to be absolutely repugnant.


Overuse of sugar in savoury dish.


Exactly. Some cuisines rely on cumin for flavor, for example South Indian and Tex-Mex. Often, the flavor is too predominant for me. A little bit while I’m cooking is okay, but I am very judicious about the amount.


I have a similar issue with cumin in powder form but when using the seed and toasting I don’t



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I love garlic but if garlic overpowers the dish I cant stand it. Raw, roasted, infused. There is a fine line in how garlic is included.

I really love nuts but they ruin the texture of baked goods like say a muffin if used in chunky form. Id rather finely chopped or omit.

And raisins. I am not a fan. For me a raisin ruins whatever it touches.


So if I’m fixing a garlic, raisin, and walnut salad :green_salad:
you’re probably refusing my invitation to dinner. :smiley:


Curious, have you tried that?

Moral wise, I condemn it. Taste wise, never tried, couldn’t tell.